What would Bolivar do?

26 January 2006

Last night the panel discussion on Militarization, Imperialism, and the People's Resistance centered on the mans by which developing countries in Latin America and elsewhere can resist the imperialist shackles of the US dominated industrial and political sphere.  This was especially interesting in light of the fact that the moderator was a US citizen.  This is the first time that I have seen an American on a panel during the Forum.  It was something that I actually felt was lacking.  Not because Americans should dominate everything (we have the UN, WTO, WHO, IMF, NAFTA, Etc. for that), but because the discourse on change in the forum can be described as US centric.  If it is not corporations in America, it is corporations controlled by Americans and incorporated abroad (though it must be said that blame has not been cast on the American people).  

This analysis of the imperialist model begs the question of how to fight imperialism that is insidious and driven primarily but non-governmental entities?  The forum states a mission of peace, but what means of peaceful resistance should be cultivated? How can the average person in a developing nation express resistance when the government is doing business with the corporations that oppress their people?

This is certainly not the same battle for independence that Bolivar brought to the South Americans.



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