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Networking Democracy

This is the archive of the Networking Democracy online discussion group, initiated by OurKingdom, which ran between February and March of 2008. (See a full PDF of the discussion.)

The group had the following sections:

Opening Statements

The rationale - an email exchange between Michael Wills MP (Ministry of Justice) and Anthony Barnett (openDemocracy), setting out the aims of the discussion group.

We asked four people to provide short statements opening the debate on the basis of this rationale:

Discussion threads

The discussion was then divided into the following threads:




  • Bill Thompson, BBC freelancer
  • David Newman, Queens University Belfast
  • Michele Smyth, Queens University Belfast 
  • David Wilcox,
  • Ella Taylor-Smith, ITC, Napier
  • Georgina Henry, CIF, the Guardian
  • Helen Margetts, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Alice Casey, involve,
  • Ross Ferguson, Dog Digital
  • Solana Larsen, Global  Voices
  • Steve Clift,
  • Tom Steinberg, mysociety
  • Andrew Williamson, Hansard Society
  • Paul Hilder, Avaaz 
  • Tony Curzon Price, openDemocracy
  • Jonathan Zittrain , Oxford Internet Institute (observer)
  • Suw Charman, ORG
  • Anthony Barnett, openDemocracy
  • Jon Bright, openDemocracy (moderator)
  • Elspeth Rainbow, Justice
  • Michael Wills, Justice

We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions.