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Power 2010 and Philip Davies MP

When Power 2010 decided to get up front and personal it ran a full page advert in the Guardian in the form of a wanted poster with pictures of six democratic outlaws. One of them was the Conservative MP Philip Davies who promptly published a long and well-written rebuttal defending himself in ConservativeHome titled 'Why I am no enemy of democracy or liberty". Well, at least he answered back. Where does that leave the other five? I was hoping for an open meeting between him and Pam Giddy, going head-to-head over the issues. I am not sure this is going to happen. But Guy Aitchison has just published a vigorous response on the P2010 blog. He points out that Davies hasn't caught up with his leader on the Database State, is hopeless on electoral reform (probably ahead of his leader on this) and is in love with the House of Lords because they are so much better at legislation than the Commons. Hmm, I wonder why that might be. Guy says that Power 2010 have accepted the Davies challenge to an open debate. Bring it on!

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Anthony Barnett (@AnthonyBarnett) is the founder of openDemocracy and author of The Lure of Greatness

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