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We welcome:

- Pitches
- Suggestions of content we might re-publish (with or without permission)
- Updates on campaigns / activism / events / local news
- articles
- essays
- dossiers
- comment pieces
- video
- audio clips
- reports
- first-hand accounts
- interviews

Submission Guide

We are looking for submissions that show an awareness of the debate as it stands, both in the wider media and OurNHS itself, and which make good use of links (these should be embedded in the text, like this.)  Avoid pejorative terms, such as the ‘Con-Dem’ Coalition. Your argument should speak for itself without the need for this language. Respect that our readers have very different political standpoints and attitudes towards health policy. The aim is to persuade.

There is some good advice from the Guardian here, too, aimed at people who work within the NHS but applicable to anyone who wants to write, NHS employee or not. 

A few minor points: Direct quotations should be in double quotation marks. Please try to avoid superscript, i.e. 21st rather than 21st, as this messes up our layout.

Commenting Guide

Following from our commitment to debate and deliberation, we place as much emphasis on our comments as on our posts, and expect them to meet as high a standard. We moderate our comments to try and ensure precision, respect and relevance, and we won’t tolerate abuse. We may delete comments that don't meet these standards, and will always be transparent about the decisions we have taken.

Please email:

Caroline Molloy at with pitches, piece suggestions, updates, submissions, or for more information on contributing. 

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We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
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