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Security and well-being: two sides of the same coin

By not paying enough attention to self-care, activists are compromising their own security—and that of their organizations. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on mental health and well-being. Español.

Women fight back: from survive to thrive

In the Trumpian world writ large, the feminist struggle is more acute than ever. 13-16 May, the Nobel Women’s Initiative brings activists to Germany to strategise about advancing women’s rights while opening democratic space.

Politics recovered: "As a community, we must identify the needs and assume them as responsibilities"

Sofia Gallisá Muriente talks about the construction after the effervescence, the park and its daily dynamics – much as a school with political implications. Español Português

Falling through the gaps: insecure work and the social safety net

Labour market support systems need to adapt to the growing number of workers in vulnerable employment.

Visualising mental illness

Could mapping our anxieties generate more understanding and support?

The personnel behind the US drone programme and National Bird

In this timely intervention, which is available to watch for free for a limited period, the viewer follows three whistle-blowers in discussion of their roles in, and experiences of, the programme.

The Italian way to populism

The Five Star Movement has polarised people’s attention and anger around a discourse on legality that is non- or anti-political. Neither extreme left nor right, but only while they are safely in the opposition.

Old country, young president

The French have used their democracy to give this young man in an old country a chance to experiment with a new type of politics. But have we tried everything?

We don't need more police, we need a shift of responsibilities

As services were withdrawn from vulnerable people, the police occupied the gap. Election campaigns should concentrate not on the police budget, but on rebalancing responsibilities.

“Our programme is called reality”: rain on the Rue Nationale

Beyond the French elections, how much ‘business as usual’ can French and German voters take?

The politics of water access under occupation: is international law sufficient?

In an era of “Trump’s Israel,” complete so far with uninhibited settlement expansion and an emboldened Israeli right, the Palestinian water crisis in the West Bank and Gaza is set to worsen.

What exactly does Macron, president-elect of France, stand for?

Does Macron leave the room for citizen participation? Will his pledges of social and economic reforms include giving citizens a greater say? 

To strengthen digital security for human rights defenders, behavior matters

When approaching digital security for human rights defenders in hostile environments, we need to think more about practical behavior. A contribution the openGlobalRights debate on data and human rights. Español. 简体中文.

Love prevails: Jimena and Shaza are safely back

Lesbophobia knows no boundaries. Persecuted by the family of one of them, Jimena and Shaza travelled first to Dubai, then to Georgia, and were finally detained in Turkey. Español

Getting to know you: mapping the anti-feminist face of right-wing populism in Europe

These three parties are only a part of the right-wing populist anti-feminism that is spreading across Europe. The European Women’s Lobby and its members continue to keep track, and evolve policies to resist.

There are more women at Sri Lanka’s universities – but they remain spaces dominated by men

Now is not the time for complacency. Universities should produce critical thinkers – and questioning gendered norms and expectations is a crucial part of this.

How to make the roads safer

As the number of UK cyclists soar, so do death and injury on the roads. These are two simple rules that would reduce accidents and simplify a victim's claim.

Politics recovered: "Open government is the way we have found to respond to difficult times"

Fabrizio Scrollini has a constructive knowledge. His vision is one of the widest and most consistent in the region. Español Português

Diminishing public trust in Armenia’s electoral process

After revealing evidence of electoral campaiging for Armenia's ruling party by public sector employees, this NGO is facing a defamation suit and attacks in the press. 

How does Russian TV propaganda really work?

New research shows that Russian state media’s influence is by no means total. Most people are capable of watching television news critically — provided they’re given the opportunity to do so. Русский

Following orders: how expectations might reduce human rights abuses

Understanding the logic of expectations could help us predict why some people follow orders to violate human rights—and others don’t. Español

Neoliberal psychology

Why do we allow the logic of the market to occupy our minds?

Ten years of militarised drug policies in Mexico: more violence and human rights violations

51 people die on an average day in Mexico's war on drugs. But neither drugs nor drug trafficking are decreasing, while human rights violations have soared.

Why DiEMUK shouldn’t take a precise position on the Brexit negotiations: OR, why Britain is screwed

Let’s focus on the battles we want to win, not the ones we’ve already lost.

“Women and Children First”: war, humanitarianism, and the refugee crisis

Is a rethinking of laws of armed conflict or international humanitarian law, humanitarian assistance and refugee policy not significantly overdue?

It’s time to reclaim beauty

And that begins with recognising that our seemingly natural preferences are deeply implicit products of oppression.

If you want to build an alternative to Trumpism, you need to read black freedom fighter W.E.B. Du Bois

Du Bois’ example reminds us how important it is to pursue political programmes that have tactical, strategic, and utopian components – that are at once soberly realist and unapologetically visionary.

How Bannon constructed ‘a people’

Stephen Bannon has been instrumental in the rise of right-wing populist politics in the US and Europe. His aim: to bring such politics into the mainstream and to push progressivism into the dustbin of history.

Pokéwalking while black: Pokémon GO and America’s ‘e-quality’ of life

Pokémon Go may be a silly diversion, but it’s still one in which the dynamics of systemic racism and spaces of colour come into play.

The racist attack on Reker Ahmed was rooted in May's asylum policies

To understand the near-fatal attack of Reker Ahmed in Croydon, we need to look at the bigger picture: prime minister Theresa May’s draconian policies and the hostile media.