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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Under the volcano

A reflection on the Dark Mountain Project—testimony, protest art and praise song of a different kind.

95 and 6 To Go

Reading his granddaughter's screenplay seems to reignite embers of 95-year-old Tom’s creativity, nudging him into sharing candid glimpses of his past. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 7th September 2017. 

Yemen: a tragic tale of humanitarian hypocrisy

Humanitarian crises around the world will fail to be resolved if the providers of aid are also the perpetrators of the conflict.

Trump in a fix: North Korea and Iran

Washington's post-9/11 rhetoric still traps the United States and endangers the world.

Another case of energy colonialism: Tunisia’s Tunur solar project

The unrestricted flow of cheap natural resources from the global south to the rich industrialized north, maintains a profoundly unjust international division of labour.

MPs demand full investigation of hard-Brexit backing Tory "party within a party"

Labour MPs are demanding that the pro-Brexit European Research Group is investigated by parliament's expenses watchdog on the back of openDemocracy's revelations.

How to make English football good again - the view from below

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football explores the possibilities of fan culture as a social movement. 

Now in English, our eBook: The ecosystem of an open democracy

<<The ecosystem of an open democracy>> is an eBook about political innovation in Latin America and Spain that democraciaAbierta has co-published along with apps4citizens in Barcelona. Español

The end of DACA: Trump tells immigrant dreamer children to “Prepare for departure”

As the Trump administration prepares to dismantle the 5-year program through which some 790,000 children lived temporarily without fear of deportation. Yet DACA did not provide a pathway to residency or citizenship Español

How to fight climate injustice in the UK – and 6 reasons we must

What lies beneath the UK’s fracking industry is a dirty history of land enclosure, ecocide and international exploitation. We must do what's necessary to stop the extreme energy industry and protect the planet for generations to come.

An Arab perspective on Channel 4’s "The State"

A review of Channel 4's "The State", a show that takes ISIS as its subject and Syria as its backdrop. But does it deliver on its promises?

Why don’t we know if anti-trafficking initiatives work?

Rigorous evaluation is rarely good for the anti-trafficking industry. That's why so little of it exists.

DiEM25 anti-austerity campaign France 2017

We promised Macron that if he “becomes merely another functionary of Europe’s deep establishment we will oppose him... ” Now the time has come to do exactly that.

Russia’s elections that weren’t

Gubernatorial elections in several Russian regions could have been quite competitive. But with a presidential campaign approaching, the Kremlin can’t even muster the courage for a fair race. RU

If we are serious about eliminating poverty, we need to re-humanise social security

A compassionate social security system is the ultimate symbol of a society that looks out for those in need.

The Ayotzinapa Platform: What happened to the 43 disappeared Mexican students?

Through an online platform, Forensic Architecture has reconstructed the events surrounding the disappearances, with the goal of furthering the investigation of the case that's still unclarified three years later. Español

Colombia: guerrillas, the Pope, and a ceasefire

Both the guerrilla and the government had expressed their wish to end the talks and announce a ceasefire coinciding with the Pope's visit to Colombia. Español

Revealed: The Tory MPs using taxpayers’ cash to fund a secretive hard-Brexit group

Senior MPs including Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Jacob Rees-Mogg have used their expenses to fund a 'party within a party' inside Westminster – effectively holding the government hostage over its negotiations with the EU.

As the hurricanes hit, Big Insurance must stop its hypocrisy

Insurance firms recognise the risks of climate chaos – but they’re still underwriting major new fossil fuel projects. Campaigners are calling on them to stop.

Political Islam in Tunisia: a history of Ennahda and the Tunisian exception

A review of Anne Wolf's Political Islam in Tunisia: A History of Ennahda, a book that presents the hidden history of Tunisia’s main Islamist movement, from the 1960s until the post-revolution present.

Underage human smugglers: the story behind Mexico’s “circuit children”

Activists and social workers in Juarez are working to understand underage participation in human smuggling and prevent minors from being caught up in illegal cross-border transactions. Español

A Treatise on European Government: on a constitution and the transnational

This treatise on constitutional European government is linked to the first on the EU treaties: outlining the foundations for a transnational constitution as the keystone for a 'second Reformation of Europe'. (Long - 13,000 words)

Inside the ACLU: defending white supremacists as a black attorney

As a constitutional lawyer I fully support the First Amendment. But as a black person, I’m conflicted when it comes to defending hate.

Pink buses and race politics

To ally campaigns for women’s rights with racism is to accept the very logic that, at its ideological core, feminism seeks to destroy.

My arguments on green radicalisation have been misrepresented

Jamie Bartlett responds to Adam Ramsay on environmental extremism.

“An elderly man cried in the waiting room because he just wanted to get back to his bed”

When Arriva doesn’t arrive – how privatised ambulances are failing us.

Farewell to Kyrgyzstan’s “island of democracy”

In the run-up to presidential elections on 15 October, Kyrgyzstan’s authorities are intensifying their attacks on journalists and independent media outlets. RU


Macho men only: no space for femininity in Jordan’s LGBT+ community

‘Just manly men’. ‘Guys that hit the gym’. ‘Straight-acting only’. ‘No fems’. The message for gay and bi men browsing through dating apps in Jordan is clear: masculinity is in, femininity is out.