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About Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is the Co-Editor of openDemocracyUK and also works with Bright Green. Before, he was a full time campaigner with People & Planet. You can follow him at @adamramsay.

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Secretive DUP Brexit donor links to the Saudi intelligence service

The DUP's revelation about their Brexit donation leaves us with more questions than answers...

Job: Assistant editor, openDemocracyUK

Come and work with us.

Anger and impotence in Northern Ireland's elections

Will a snap election in Northern Ireland bring about the change that so many want?

The 'dark money' that paid for Brexit

The secret cash that bankrolled Brexit, the loophole it's hiding in, and how we unravel it.

New series: the environment, corporate power, democracy and the British state

Our new series will look at why Britain is failing on environmental justice... but, what should we call it?

The abdication of The Commons: how Article 50 saw parliament vote against its sovereignty

Westminster voted tonight to pass responsibility to the people, ending centuries of its sovereignty just as Trump rampages through America's rules.

Theresa May’s refusal to speak in Ireland’s parliament is an act of foreign policy vandalism

Turning down an invitation to become the second ever British PM to address the Dáil, while clutching Trump's hand, May displays disastrous imperial neurosis.

Sturgeon should give Scotland the chance to reject May’s absurd adventurism

As Theresa May demands Scotland follows her loyally into the night, it's time for Sturgeon to call an independence referendum.

Paid columnists for openDemocracyUK on the environment, corporate power and democracy

Paid freelance work: £200 per month for monthly columns over two years.

Lessons for Trumpland: adventures with demagoguery in the Middle East

From a demo in Istanbul to the quiet racism of Israeli security, it's time for Americans to understand what modern authoritarianism looks like – and learn how to resist.

Trump wins, what now?

openDemocracy editors from around the world react to the victory of the billionaire businessman.

Eight things I learned from two days talking to people in Palestine about the US election

From Israeli settlers to Palestinian refugees: what do people in the West Bank make of the US election?

Justice and Britain's democratic crisis

Why oD-UK launches openJustice, focusing on the dismantling UK justice system.

Invest in farming technology

It can take a thousand years to form an inch, which can be washed away in a moment. It provides 95% of our food, and yet we allow it to blow off in the wind. Civilisations rise and fall on how they tr...

Series introduction: We need to rethink the British economy

Since 2008, Britain has seen a surge in alternative economic thinking. From community finance to cooperatives, public ownership to tax avoidance; land taxes to local currencies, GDP to the creation of...

Report: the more Lib Dems spent on a seat, the more votes they lost

A new report on openDemocracyUK reveals how the Liberal Democrats squandered thousands on no-hope Clegg loyalists whilst cutting out incumbent MPs who went on to narrowly miss-out.

Britain and the Sargasso Sea: on 'WHAT NEXT', by Anthony Barnett

If you want to understand the underlying currents which pushed Britain towards Brexit (and where we need to go now), pre-order a copy of Anthony Barnett's book What Next.

On openDemocracy's Brexit coverage

openDemocracy tried to provide nuance in a deeply polarised debate. oD-UK editor Adam Ramsay reflects on the difficulties and successes we encountered along the way.

Finding the path forwards

The political systems of the United(ish) Kingdom are irredeemably broken. Join the conversation about why & how to replace them.

Labour MPs putting internal politics ahead of international politics at a time like this is a disgrace

Half the shadow cabinet has resigned in the middle of the biggest national crisis in decades, abdicating national leadership just when it was needed.

With England voting for Brexit, the pillars of Britain's union are crumbling fast

In the wake of England's vote to leave the EU, the glue keeping Scotland in the UK is rapidly dissolving.

A reverse Greenland: the EU should let Scotland stay

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. It should be allowed to do so.

Whatever the result, this is a mass revolt against alienation and it can't be ignored

Millions will vote against their political masters because they have no other way of winning change. Leaving the EU won't help, but Britain does need to become a proper democracy.

Video: the referendum in Labour's heartlands

Reflections on a day interviewing people in Doncaster about the European referendum.

We need to talk about fascist terrorism

Jo Cox was murdered by a man with links to neo-Nazi and fascist groups. Britain was warned about the risk of far-right violence. Something has to change.

Nine reasons Scotland is more Remain, (and what will happen if it's dragged out)

Polls consistently show Scotland is considerably more likely to vote to remain in the European Union than England and Wales. Here’s why – and what could happen is she’s dragged out.

The Green Party should help build a progressive alliance

Greens in the United Kingdom should ally with others to elect a progressive government capable of changing British democracy for good.

Report: Impacts of surveillance on contemporary British activism

St Andrews University and openDemocracy interviewed 25 activists, and surveyed more than a hundred, about the impacts of surveillance on activism in the UK. Here are our findings.

From the shared futures of the UK & Scottish Labour to the RISE flop, 12 lessons from Scotland's plodding election

Labour should have stuck to plan A, but probably would have collapsed anyway. RISE sank. The SNP were dull but solid. The Greens managed to hold it together. And Scotland is still on the road to independence.

The multiple truths of the Labour antisemitism story

The fact that there is a smear campaign against Corbyn's Labour doesn't mean there isn't real antisemitism.

Nine questions for the Times about Matt Ridley

As the Times faces serious criticism over its climate change coverage, openDemocracy has some questions for the paper about the coal-baron at the centre of the scandal.

Who gets to decide how the media talks about climate change?

If you want to get inside how the media frames and shapes our collective understanding of climate change, there’s one person who understands it best: British environmental campaigner George Marshall.

Papeles de Panamá: "una vieja tradición de la piratería inglesa"

Editores de openDemocracyUK, openDemocracyRussia y DemocraciaAbierta comentan las implicaciones de los "Papeles de Panamá". English

Panama Papers: "an old tradition of English piracy"

openDemocracy editors respond to the astonishing revelations of the Panama Papers. Español

Scotland's leaders' debate and how proportional representation helps change politics

In a world of post-referendum and multi-party politics, leaders debates are about more than appealing to an imagined centre.

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