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About Anne Gallagher

Anne T. Gallagher AO is a practitioner and scholar in criminal justice and human rights. She has been working on trafficking issues with the UN and national criminal justice agencies since 1998. In 2012 she received a Trafficking in Persons Hero award from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Follow her on Twitter @AnneTGallagher and read more of her work.

Articles by Anne Gallagher

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

El Informe sobre la trata de personas de EE.UU. de 2015: ¿señales de declive?

El Informe sobre la trata de personas («TIP», por su siglas en inglés) de los Estados Unidos denuncia la explotación y responsabiliza a los gobiernos. Pero la creciente politización y renuencia a abordar la política económica de la trata de personas comprometen su credibilidad. English

Trata de personas: de la indignación a la acción

Para tener alguna posibilidad en el combate contra la trata, deberíamos trabajar para eliminar las comisiones por el reclutamiento de las personas trabajadoras, defender un salario mínimo global y buscar formas de criminalizar el conocimiento o el uso irresponsable de los servicios ofrecidos por víctimas de trata. English

Could Trump be an ally in the fight against human trafficking?

There are good reasons for caution but it would be foolhardy and short-sighted to let cynicism obstruct opportunity.

Unravelling the 2016 Global Slavery Index. Part two

The Global Slavery Index sets out to determine slavery prevalence in every country and to assess the quality of government responses. What lies behind apparent complicity of silence that surrounds the Index? Part two. Part one.

Unravelling the 2016 Global Slavery Index. Part one

The Global Slavery Index seeks to mobilize action against human exploitation by quantifying the scale of the problem and the quality of current responses. How well has this been done? Part one. Part two.

The 2015 US Trafficking Report: signs of decline?

The US Trafficking in Persons Report exposes exploitation and holds governments to account. But creeping politicisation and a reluctance to address the political economy of TIP are compromising its credibility. Español

Migrant smugglers: monsters or saviours?

Migrant smuggling is often cruel and exploitative, yet it is often the only way to escape poverty or conflict. Addressing this problem requires a fundamental re-think of migration regimes, including refugee policy.

The Global Slavery Index: seduction and obfuscation

The Global Slavery Index is critically flawed: compromised by a weak methodology, unverified assumptions and multiple errors of fact and logic. Why the silence?

Human trafficking: from outrage to action

If we are to have any chance of addressing trafficking, we should work towards the elimination of labour recruitment fees; advocate for a global minimum wage; and look at ways of criminalizing the knowing or reckless use of the services of a victim of trafficking. Español

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