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No easy answers for ending forced labour in India

India must attend to a long list of issues if it's to achieve 'decent work for all' by the year 2030. - free thinking for the world
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No easy answers for ending forced labour in India

India must attend to a long list of issues if it's to achieve 'decent work for all' by the year 2030. - free thinking for the world

Barbudan land ownership: a 200-year-old freedom put at risk following Hurricane Irma

Suspicion and frustration grow as Hurricane Irma evacuees find themselves unable to return home to Barbuda, whilst a law protecting the island from private and foreign investment is dismantled.

“Hands Off Pants On”: time to end gender-based abuse in the hotel industry

Too many women in Chicago’s hospitality industry are experiencing gender-based abuse at work – and women are speaking out to change that.

The crisis of workplace violence against women

Violence against women at work is real; it happens every day, in every corner of the world. It takes shape in many ways – from verbal and physical abuse to sexual assault and even murder.

The protection lotto against gender-based violence in the US

Women in the United States receive vastly different levels of protection against gender-based violence in the work place depending on where and who they are. 

Violencia de género en el sector agrícola centroamericano

Las trabajadoras del sector agrícola en Centroamérica buscan combatir la discriminación de género a través de los convenios internacionales. English

Gender-based violence in the Central American agricultural industry

Women workers in the agricultural sector to uphold international standards and combat gender-based violence and discrimination in Central America’s agricultural sector. Español

Surviving violence in a Bangladeshi garment factory

Laws against gender-based violence at work exist in Bangladesh, but their protective power is as thin as the paper they're printed on.

No easy answers for ending forced labour in India

India must attend to a long list of issues if it's to achieve 'decent work for all' by the year 2030.

Seattle fights hotel worker harassment with new law

Union members in Seattle are at the forefront of the fight for healthier and safer workplaces for women hotel workers.

Introducing a special theme series on gender-based violence in the workplace

As the deadline for government representatives to submit comments in support of an ILO convention to end gender-based violence in the workplace approaches, this series brings together voices from the labour movement.

Trabajadores migrantes crean union independiente para combatir la discriminacion de género y proteger sus derechos laborales

El grupo Familias Unidas por las Justicia toma acción en el estado de Washington para defender los derechos de las trabajadoras. English

Why we formed an independent farm workers union

The Familias Unidas por las Justicia migrant workers’ union in Washington state is taking action to defend the rights of women workers. Español

Gender-based violence at work: when the boss is the threat

Treating gender-based violence as a type of discrimination leaves many women trapped under violent bosses with nowhere to turn.

Collective bargaining in the Global(ised) South

Indian trade unions need networks of activists all along the supply chain if they’re to successfully take on multinational corporations.

Overseas anti-slavery initiatives flourish, but domestic governance gaps persist

UK-based companies are ramping up efforts to combat slavery in their overseas supply chains. But companies also need to be working harder to address the severe labour exploitation taking place at home.

Los menores de edad que trabajan en el trafico de migrantes: la historia detras de los "Menores de Circuito" en Mexico

Activistas y profesionales del trabajo social trabajan para entender la participacion de menores en el trafico de migrantes y prevenir que se involucren el transacciones ilicitas cros-fronterizas. English

Why don’t we know if anti-trafficking initiatives work?

Rigorous evaluation is rarely good for the anti-trafficking industry. That's why so little of it exists.

Underage human smugglers: the story behind Mexico’s “circuit children”

Activists and social workers in Juarez are working to understand underage participation in human smuggling and prevent minors from being caught up in illegal cross-border transactions. Español

Brexit: a 'not welcome' sign for forced migrants

Forced migrants are turning away from the UK for fear of racial discrimination post-Brexit. While some on the right may cheer, is this really something to celebrate?

Australia’s ‘modern slavery’ proposal falls short

Australia is the latest country to propose combatting ‘modern slavery’ through corporate reporting rather than effective regulation.

Human smuggling: the pride of Niger's economy

Niger would be in for a rough ride if efforts to end human smuggling were taken seriously, and the European Union knows it.

Brexit makes labour exploitation more likely in the UK

Negotiations on a future Brexit deal have barely gotten started, yet EU workers across the UK are already finding themselves more vulnerable in the workplace.

The Native American casualties of US immigration policy

The O'Odham nation lives on both sides of the US-Mexican border, and for that they are persecuted.

Human smuggling: the tunnel underneath economic apartheid

American and European border policies defend economic inequality far more than national sovereignty or security.

Interview: the struggle for migrant workers' rights

How can migrant workers protect their rights when they are often excluded from collective action?

The fight for decent work: a need for new models

Workers usually organise within their sector, if at all. But in today’s economy, could a community-wide approach could be more effective?

Claiming rights under the kafala system

How can domestic workers organise when the legal system places them at the complete mercy of their employers?

Sisters in solidarity: the communal care of domestic workers in the Middle East

Jordan has recognised domestic workers in local labour laws, but many workers are still stuck in dire situations with few good options available to them.

The David and Goliath struggle in global supply chains

The only way to really bargain with brands is to bargain globally.

Re-thinking refugee protection: focusing on people and safe passage

Efforts in Canada to provide safe passage for refugees prove that people power can not only shift public policy, but also save lives.

The difference self-organising makes: the creative resistance of domestic workers

Informal networks of self-help and mutual care have given rise to a workers-led alliance in Lebanon to fight for the rights of domestic workers.

Is Foxconn a fantasy? The high cost of bringing manufacturing jobs to Wisconsin

Who are the real winners of Foxconn's investment in Wisconsin?

From runaway domestic worker to organiser in Singapore

Endless chores, verbal abuse, and physical confinement.

Interview: in pursuit of decent work

Why do states make it so easy for corporations to exploit their populations?

Let’s write a contract and call me house manager: experiences of a workers’ cooperative

Domestic labourer are not recognised as workers under South Korean law, but worker-led initiatives are transforming the face of how this work is perceived and managed.

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