I've turned 25, uh-huh. Wish me luck…

Anastasia Baburova
18 January 2010


I went out rollerblading. First time. From 12 to 2 (a.m., of course).

I fell down

Amazed at the amount of jerks out there

Didn't put on knee-pads and I'm not going to. Don't even have a helmet =)

Should have goalkeeper's gloves instead of hands.

Spent half the time on size 39 blades (3 sizes bigger than mine) before I remembered that you can adjust them =))

Should take a CD player next time, pretty boring without it. Or buy a palm pilot, go on ICQ and go rollerblading.


I tried to imagine myself in 10 years time

Couldn't really =)

Does anyone know what/who they want to be? =)


The 32nd of May

An ordinary year has 365 days and six hours

They add up these 6 hours and get 1 more day

So every fourth year is a leap year

But does a year have exactly 365 days and 6 hours? It turns out that it doesn't...

An ordinary year has 365 days, 6 hours, and another 3 seconds! Three!

Three seconds of uncounted time!

Over years these seconds make up minutes

Over centuries they make up hours

During the time the city has existed we get an extra day - the 32nd of May

I hope everyone knows where this comes from?


I woke up this morning

I realized I wanted vodka

With a slice of lemon

Crystal clear

And burning cold

Really I want to be happy =)


I see I got a live journal virus from cat_named_cat
List your 7 most precious things, your treasures, which you love and you'd never give away. Then tag other 7 people, things.....

Lenochka. I can't list seven precious things. "Things are only necessary to people who can't lose them" (c). I look around... there's the computer - I could use an IBM mini-laptop. A good weapon, tools - yes, but steel is either expensive or bad.

A Dictaphone, a camera? A mechanical Dictaphone and camera with a half-dead matrix?=)

Camping equipment, a decent easel, and not just a bit of any old stuff?... yes, and time, TIME, to do all this.

In other words, I don't have a single functional thing that I am happy with and which doesn't need an upgrade. Maybe just a swimming costume =)

Generally, I'm a universalist. I prefer not to get accustomed to things, but to be able to work with anything. This is part of what freedom means for me.

I'm afraid that everything material for me just comes down to being able to live on this earth. Preferably I also need food and hot water. This probably has a money equivalent... but money is not important in itself, what's important is being able to earn money.

Although I can't list 7 non-material things either.

I'll only name one, and it's understanding.

I'm speaking as a person who's had a temperature for two days...because of my own ghosts +) at any level - consciousness, subconscious, with words, without, even through egregore, through chakru bai-huei, through the tips of your fingers - but so that people understand each other.

Sorry, I won't send this on to anywhere else, or these seven will get together to beat me up in a dark alley somewhere =)

UPDATE (off topic, but an UPDATE). Dosage meter!!! That's what I need now, but I don't have one, and can't afford it. Maybe someone can lend me one? =))))

DOUBLE UPDATE, if we're talking about things.

Dear friend/esses. Does anyone want a silver ring and necklace? I can email you photos) and... does anyone have children or just loves hedgehogs =) I have two soft toys I can give you. One of them can even sing a philosophical song.


It's great to wander round at night

Yesterday I forgot that trams stop working just after 1 a.m., and I had to go to another metro station, from where it's much quicker on foot...

No one wanted to give me a lift, and I didn't want to pay, but in the end a trolleybus stopped for me for the first time in my life, it was on its way to the depot, then I spent one and a half hours trying to find my way, just by guesswork, but I found it in the end!

The darkness and sleeping city were wonderful...

The world is much better at night than during the day.


What must have happened around us and in the human consciousness over the last... (n?) years, if a 60-year-old drunk trying to get into a woman's apartment at night, instead of the classic „I'll break down the door, beep beep beep", says „I'll blow up the door, and I'll blow up the house, I'm a terrorist" - without a single swear word?


It's difficult to look into the eyes of a Korean student who has just been hit in the head by two underage idiots who jumped out of a moving tram, gave a Sieg Heil salute and ran off.

They obviously borrowed the technique from thieves in the metro.


A cry from the heart

Windows Vista sucks! SUCKS!!!! Fucking crap!

08.03.2008 Women's Day

Happy holiday, boys and girls.

I don't really know what we're celebrating this time, another anniversary of a strike by weavers in New York, or a re-consideration of the pagan celebration of the first birds and the first flowers, but... does it matter?

I'd like to wish everyone two things: 1) not to hurt each other; 2) not to lie, as difficult as this may be.

Even if these things are mutually exclusive.

Yes, not lying is probably more important.

Happy spring.


Moscow, Tverskaya. Take back the city.
It was fun =)
There were about 200 people, from the Cannon by the Kremlin to Belorusskaya metro station. On the road.

It was an unsanctioned march against the abuse of powers by the law-enforcement bodies. The events of 4 and 11 April - the beating of young people at the police station in Sokolniki and the dispersal of the peaceful picket on Slavanskaya Square could be said to be the reason for the march, but in fact everyone understands that police abuse happens all the time.

There was a black flag with "No to abuse" written in white letters. Fireworks, leaflets, bandannas, Mohawks and hippies in colourful clothes. There was even a girl with a baby in a sling. Quite different people, but all chanting together:

"No to a police state", "Together we're invincible", "It's shameful to be a cop", "Our motherland is our humanity" (my favourite slogan :), "This is our city!"

A few leaflets were given to policemen =)

Passers-by and drivers also enjoyed it.

Probably because the slogans that we shouted from the middle of Tverskaya Street contain the same message that is heard very often in the conversations of people who are very distant from politics - in other words, a lot of people are sick of the cops, and a lot of people are sick of the emptiness of the official news bulletins... and how many years has this gone on for?

"Let's go with them", one girl said to her friend as they walked past.

Friday evening. Spring. Fun.

Spring came out on to the street and let its presence be felt.

And this march - this unsanctioned march down one of the central streets of Moscow was not stopped. No one even tried to stop us.

What could this mean?

In any case, I think that we can say a precedent has been established. It's telling that there are people in Moscow prepared to take to the streets, and that there are more than just 10 or 20 of them. And this is not some paid-for "Dissenters' March" :)

Spring will show us what happens next.


Watching a film = committing organized crime?

Today, at around 6 p.m., at the Jerry Rubin Club that a lot of you know, police officers detained 25 people without charge. And among those detained there were "ordinary" policemen and officers of the organized crime department.

At the time a film was being shown at the club.

"We have had a signal that you are watching prohibited films here and preparing mass disturbances" was the reason given. These are exhaustive legal arguments, aren't they?

When you next turn on your television, close the door tight. Who knows what "signal" the law-enforcement officers will receive this time.

All 25 viewers had their documents confiscated and were taken to the Gagarinskoe Office of the Interior Ministry. They are going to have their fingerprints taken, which directly contracts point ZH of article 9 of the Federal Law "On fingerprint registration".

According to this document, taking fingerprints is only possible in the event that there is no other way of determining a person's identity.


cars set on fire in Moscow

Don't you think that setting cars on fire is a major act of provocation? Or the creation of a favourable environment for future acts of provocation?

because now there is something that can be pinned on any opposition and anti-authoritarian forces which sometimes go beyond the boundaries of armchair politics.

Now the mysterious "mentally disturbed arsonist" has followers in the Perm Region, and in Moscow itself, according to the police department press service, there may be more than one arsonist.

now anyone can be accused of wanting to exploit the situation, when it proved so easy and logical to blame the fires on a maniac.

At the same time, it's an additional excuse to toughen police and other control.


I hate money. In principle. As a phenomenon. I hate it.


Residents of Khimki and the "Greens" protect the forest

In Khimki near Moscow people have set up in camp to protect the forest from illegal felling.

"Kapital Stroi Konstruktsiya" company, the developer retained by the company "Yuniks" , has already destroyed over 10 hectares of forest next to the village of Vashutino to use as sites for retail and storage complexes. New sections of forest are now scheduled for felling.
Protesters in the camp who are living in the tents around the clock will continue resisting until there is an official statement that the felling will end completely, says Vladimir, an activist from the Russian Green party. The protest is actively supported by local residents, the administration of the region and the law-enforcement bodies, as the felling was conducted in violation of nature conservation legislation.
The camp has already been successful - during the days and nights that the activists have spent in the tents, they say that there has been no felling.

"These hooligans must stop cutting down the forest and breaking the law," said Vladimir. He said that the felling was conducted in a barbaric manner - with excavators, disturbing the life of the forest fauna, and destroying animals and birds. The residents of Vashutino do not want their children to see anything like this.

The camp in Khimki is the second protest of this kind by the Greens. The first was held in the Nakhabinsky forestland and was organized in the form of daily vigils.  

Quite recently, the Khimki forest was also threatened by the construction project of the Moscow-Petersburg commercial highway.


Ecological protest camp set up by Ryazan
In the Ryazan Oblast near the town of Sasovo, a camp will be set up on 5 July in which representatives of the movement "Guardians of the Rainbow" and the Committee of the public movement "Defend the ecological safety of the Sasovo region" will take part.

10 km from Sasovo, a phenol-formaldehyde resin plant is being built at a working chemical factory. The residents of the region are categorically opposed to this plant, as it will pollute the air and water with chemical elements.  The deterioration in the ecology mean that people will suffer more frequently from cancer, asthma and bone and muscle ailments. The illegality of producing phenol-formaldehyde resin has been recognized by several courts, and the building has been sealed. A regional referendum showed that 92.5% of residents are against having the phenol-formaldehyde plant in direct proximity to their homes. Nevertheless, there is information indicating that the owners of the factory intend to launch the new plant in July.

The aim of the camp is to draw public attention to the position of the people who are now being completely ignored, and also to ideas of ecological safety. Active agricultural work is proceeding in the Sasovo region.


URGENT! Camp in Sasovo attacked..

Today at around 10 a.m. the camp by the village of Nizhnee Maltsevo was attacked. The protesters were attacked by security guards from the plant against which the camp is protesting. It all started when two alleged hitchhikers from Ulyanovsk turned up and said they had found out about the camp by accident. We gave them tea, showed them the river... and they left...
Several hours later a fight broke out between factory security guards (this is how they introduced themselves.  One person was in uniform and filmed everything on video - evidently because he wished to report to his employers on the work done). Among the attackers were the two "hitchhikers". They told the protesters in the camp that they were on factory territory etc. Two people were beaten.  One of the guards sprayed a person with a can of car paint (fortunately he was saved by his glasses), and he aimed at another person's eyes, but the person managed to turn away, so the paint hit the camera. Then the guards started shooting pistols (perhaps they were gas pistols, but it was unclear) and throwing bricks. They dragged one of the protesters into the van they had arrived in, and kept him there illegally for some time. Then they let him go. They drove on to the territory of the factory, then they drove away and disappeared.

Today at 2 p.m. a meeting will be held against the launch of the phenol-formaldehyde resin plant.


Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind!

There was a swift response to the attack in Sasovo: around 700 protesters, angry at the refusal of the opposite party to stop the launch of the new dangerous plant at the chemical factory, and at the beating of their comrades, broke in to factory territory, hung up banners, and stuck their ultimatum to the factory manager's window.

Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the Oblast is invited to take part in the camp.


Saakashvili is a bastard.

To set up your own people like this really takes some doing.

UPD. This is NOT a post in defence of imperial policy, and I don't understand how it could be read in this way.

The Russian authorities need war in South Ossetia much more than they need peace. We understand this. And, characteristically, the leader of Georgia also understands this.

He understands this - he creates the situation, takes a step which means that Russia cannot avoid a military conflict.  Guaranteed.  You are interfering, and we got international human rights support, we are the weaker side.

Everyone gets a piece of PR. And let no one go away offended, uh-huh.

But as for the people, the living cost of this PR - they can go fuck themselves.

..by the way, the Russian stock market is continuing to fall...

No, it's obvious, why should our authorities think about people when they can lower the ruble by 56 kopecks against the dollar in one day - but everything has its limits, doesn't it?

Leave the door open, so afterwards you can shout that you've been robbed! It's a conspiracy, damn it. Another betrayal.


I couldn't sleep; I left the house at 7 a.m., and saw a murdered corpse on the ground.

They were sweeping the yard, and the district - it's 30 minutes from Red Square, if you're lucky with the shuttle taxi - hadn't woken up yet.

The feeling that the whole world is fucked up is increasing constantly.

And I have to go to court in an hour.


I don't know how to forgive.

Or get angry, either. I just go away.


In the wake of 4 November

The day of the crooked mirror - this is the only thing you can call this day.

The proclaimed "agreement and reconciliation" ends up in real life as pointless  discontent in the streets.   Three years have gone by since nationalists tried to hijack this historical celebration, which is connected with the names of Minin and Pozharsky and the liberation of Moscow. They want to replace love for the country and its protection with hatred for strangers, and then for everyone who is "non-Russian". They forget that nationalism has never led to freedom, and only to oppression, and that no act of liberation was ever carried out under the banners of nationalism.


Anti-fascism is not a crime

Yesterday, 18 November, not far from the exit of Novokuznetskaya metro station, there was a picket against the persecution of anti-fascists in Russia. The number of people taking part in the picket was exactly the number that was given in the letter of notification. However, journalists and people who are interested in the problem also turned up to have a look.

One Moscow anti-fascist, Alexei "Shkobar" Olesinov, was arrested on 6 November. He is charged with the criminal offence of hooliganism, because he got into a fight with security guards at a club, although for this act he has already been charged with an administrative offence.

Additionally, for over a week Alexei's lawyer and relatives were not allowed to see him.

And most importantly, as numerous sources attest, the charge that has been made against him and the choice of the measure of restraint are evidence that the main accusation against him is participation in an anti-fascist movement.



I've turned 25, uh-huh.

Wish me luck...

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