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The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now. - free thinking for the world

The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now. - free thinking for the world

Outrage and outsourcing in Russian healthcare

The doctor is out. Hunger strikes, mistreatment of patients and general desperation are beginning to seem like a feature – as opposed to a bug – of Russia’s healthcare system. Русский

Today's junior doctors strike has been 30 years in the making

The junior doctors contract would do nothing to deliver a 7 day NHS, experts agree. The government's refusal to back down is because they see doctors as a hurdle to their plans to dismantle what we understand by the NHS - plans which have been a long time in the making. 

This is what a dying NHS looks like

The end of the NHS isn't in 5 years or 10. Whether deliberate or not (and it probably is), the threat is here, staring us in the face, today.

On Connor Sparrowhawk’s avoidable death

A leaked document reveals that an NHS England Trust knew of failings 10 months before a young man died in its care.

Time to ditch the Burnham-era policies, NHS campaigners tell Labour's leadership

NHS campaigners meet John McDonnell and Heidi Alexander today, and hope to put five questions to them.

We CAN save our NHS from TTIP without Brexit – but let's not declare premature victory

Gail Cartmail of Unite the Union says their legal advice shows the EU still threatens our National Health Service – but that Cameron could fix that without the need for Brexit.

Join student nurses & junior doctors this Saturday to march for health, homes, jobs and education

George Osborne's attack on nurses and doctors is setting our NHS up to fail, even as austerity is making patients sicker.

The NHS is safest inside the EU

Brexiteers are no friends of the NHS - and they are relying on concerns about TTIP's effect on the NHS that have largely been addressed.

Protecting our NHS from the EU

We must protect our NHS from competition and market led inteference from the EU Commission, says David Owen at the launch of Vote Leave's NHS-focused campaign.

Five reasons to support the junior doctors

As junior doctors start another 2-day strike, NHS campaigners explain why they support them. It's about truth, safety, and the future of our NHS. Get down to a picket line today!

David Cameron’s brave new world of private mental health care

The crisis in mental health care is no accident.

Will Osborne’s Manchester 'devolution' fall flat on its face?

Today, Manchester becomes the first English region to “take control of its health spending”, supposedly. But what do patients, NHS campaigners and junior doctors think? 

In defence of personal health budgets

The roll-out of personal health budgets to growing numbers of people has alarmed many campaigners. Here one of their pioneers tells openDemocracy why he’s still a keen advocate.

Who’s afraid of the evidence about what works in the NHS?

Politicians have imposed evidence-free re-organisations on us health workers for years. Now they tell us that it's too late to change the mess they've got us into.

Three things MPs say about the NHS Bill - and why they are wrong

What you can say to your MP if they're not sure about supporting the NHS Bill (which fell at its second reading this month, but will be back in future).

NHS cuts - are we in it together?

Downing Street was accused by another former minister of “massaging” NHS cuts figures this week – just as locally NHS bosses propose more sweeping cuts that are beginning to look like the worst ‘reorganisation’ yet.

Punish the weak: one woman’s experience of UK health and welfare

What does the extraordinary story of Emma Golledge tell us about the British state’s values and competence? 

The Tories stole the NHS Bill debate from the public but the Bill to save our NHS won't go away

The NHS Bill has too much support from patients and doctors to be defeated by a few Tory filibusters. It will be back.

Britain's care homes are being turned into complex financial instruments

The extraordinary story of how one care conglomerate uses opaque corporate structures and a web of financial tools to suck wealth from the care of Britain's most vulnerable.

No-one believes Jeremy Hunt on patient safety and whistleblowers – not even his own appointees

A rash of rebukes, resignations and reports pour cold water on Jeremy Hunt's continued claim to be the whistleblowers' friend.

Admiral Jeremy is not so admirable

Just how did we end up with this most unsuitable health secretary?

“We are fighting because just banging our heads on the wall isn’t enough anymore”

The NHS sees critical battles this week - on picket lines and in parliament - that need your support.

Our NHS can't afford privatisation - why MPs must back the NHS Bill this Friday

Even middle England can see that privatisation costs, rather than saves, billions. Will MPs take a historic chance to undo this market mess that's crippling our NHS, this Friday?

Why we’re opposed to “Jobs on prescription”

Moves to ‘join up’ NHS care with the benefits system, are more about extending harsh benefit conditionality into the NHS and compromising clinical independence, warn campaigners.

Pregnant women bear brunt of government’s clampdown on ‘migrant’ NHS care

Maternity campaigners urge government to think again on introduction of further charges.

NHS staff shortage “shock”…

The Beeb claimed a scoop in investigative journalism this week – but its findings were no shock to most people.

'Accountable Care' - the American import that's the last thing England's NHS needs

Despite Obama's reforms, US healthcare is failing. So why are new US-style healthcare systems being quietly piloted across England – and who's driving it?

Of smoke, mirrors, cartels, and a "7-day NHS"

Who’s really been behind the planning of the junior doctors contract? Not who you think.

Tax avoidance, privatisation and the National Health Service

NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are preparing to give tax revenues to corporations determined not to pay tax.

Maternity review 'nothing more than a pretext for privatisation'

The proposal to shift maternity funding into 'personal budgets' for pregnant women, is a formula for chaos and destablising core maternity services, warn campaigners.

Jeremy Hunt’s solution for cash-strapped NHS trusts - cut 375 nurses each?

Jeremy Hunt’s talks of patient safety - but his NHS cash 'solutions' risk repeating the mistakes of Mid-Staffordshire. 

A seven-day NHS? Or does this government really want a zero-day NHS?

Whilst our leaders do battle with Jeremy Hunt, are they in danger of being distracted from the real threat to the NHS?

Jeremy Hunt launches doctor morale inquiry - here's a sneak preview of its findings...

On the day he imposed a morale-busting contract on junior doctors, the health secretary also announced... an urgent inquiry into the state of doctor's morale. Beyond satire? 

Jeremy Hunt goes nuclear - the 12 things you need to know

Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose a contract makes as little sense as the rest of his narrative about the junior doctors and a '7 day NHS' - unless you unpick the real story.

Help us to help the NHS

Doctors striking, nurses protesting - the NHS needs independent journalism, free of government and corporate spin, more than ever. And now we need your help to crowd-source funding for our coverage.

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