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The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now. - free thinking for the world

The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now. - free thinking for the world

Exhausted? Of course I am.

Jeremy Hunt's strategy seems to be to wear the striking junior doctors down with cuts and propaganda. Will it work?

Connor Sparrowhawk: the erosion of accountability in the NHS

Jeremy Hunt's apologies for the failures at Southern Health ring hollow, given that he believes markets and not ministers should be accountable for our healthcare. 

NHS campaigners say 'No' to NHS Commission

Campaigners oppose Alan Milburn and Norman Lamb's latest wheeze, and MPs must too.

Seven things the private healthcare insurance adverts won't tell you

The NHS financial crisis is being used by healthcare insurers to try and sell their products - but what are the risks?

Big pharma now helping to run King's College Hospital?

The appointment of Pfizer's UK boss onto the board of one of the most respected NHS Trusts in the country has raised alarm amongst campaigners.

TTIP: what can we expect from 2016?

2015 saw the campaign against TTIP grow into a mass movement of opposition across Europe. John Hilary asks whether 2016 could be the year we defeat TTIP and build a People’s Europe from below.

The heart of the matter - a patient addresses striking junior doctors

At the Royal Liverpool hospital yesterday, a heart patient on the ward addressed the striking doctors outside by phone link - to wild cheering. This is what he said.

High fives, cakes and flying bicycle pickets – public support rides high for the doctors strike

It doesn’t take much to show your support for doctors standing up for our NHS. Let's help them fight – and win.

It's #BursaryOrBust for our nurses - join the march this Saturday

This Saturday student nurses and healthcare professionals will march against the loss of their training bursaries. Join them!

Unpatriotic militants? No, Jeremy Hunt - doctors are just fighting to be able to care for us all.

 Being a doctor – or any public sector worker - shouldn’t be such a battle. That's why we must support junior doctors in their planned strikes.

The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now.

A memorable Christmas in the NHS

If you need care this Christmas, the NHS will be there. A seasonal tale from a junior doctor.

The NHS is headed for a devolution iceberg - whilst MPs argue about deckchairs

As private firms gather in the Titanic Hotel to discuss the profit opportunities arising from NHS devolution, only a few MPs are raising concerns in parliament about the coming healthcare lottery for the rest of us.

The Department of Health Christmas party

Join Jeremy and colleagues down at the bowling alley for some festive fun...

London NHS devolution - "It's obvious to all but gullible, power-grabbing councillors - this is about dumping blame for closures"

Osborne's plans for London "devolution" look likely to lead to more hospital closures - and even less say for local people. 

Biggest NHS 'market' deal to date collapses - what now?

A highly controversial new style of contract for nearly a billion pounds worth of older people's healthcare in the East of England has collapsed - but will anyone learn the right lessons? 

Should I be 'ashamed' to be a GP? An open letter to Steve Field

The government's chief inspector of GPs told the Daily Mail this week that GPs have 'failed as a profession'. But who is helped by his morale-crushing and unjustified comments?

London Ambulance Service's failings are the canary in the ambulance coalmine

If ambulance employers can’t look after their staff, how can the staff look after their patients?

Why scrapping nursing bursaries is a disaster - a student nurse speaks

George Osborne announced the scrapping of nurse training bursaries in this week's Spending Review. He seems to have forgotten why nursing bursaries were introduced in the first place.

Who's going to be left holding the baby, George?

Maternity services are underfunded, understaffed and struggling to cope, finds a survey by the Royal College of Midwives.

Jeremy Hunt, George Osborne, and the OTHER NHS shambles this week

Neither the Department of Health nor NHS England seem to have a clue who has a say in Hunt and Osborne's far-reaching new NHS plans, OurNHS can exclusively reveal. Cock-up or conspiracy?

Junior doctors vote yes to strike, yes for our patients, yes for the future of our NHS

An overwhelming 98% yes vote shows this fight is about protecting what we know the NHS needs in the medium and long term.

Is the NHS funding crisis opening the door to poorly regulated private hospitals?

Jeremy Hunt is crying crocodile tears on patient safety - squeezing patients out of the NHS and towards private hospitals that are a 'black hole' of information.

Don't want the government to let the NHS die? Here's one crucial thing you can do right now

The government is setting out what it will tell the NHS to do for the next five years (the 'mandate') - and there are lots of worrying signals. Here's our response - you've 10 days if you'd like to respond, too.

Junior doctors are fighting for the NHS's life - as the Tories try to silence ALL health workers

It's no coincidence that - just as junior doctors gear up for battle to prevent damaging NHS changes - the government is trying to make it virtually impossible for other health workers to do the same in future.

Case report: a debilitating case of austeritis in a 67 year-old institution

The NHS is under attack from its own malfunctioning defence systems misguided by ideological pathogens. We need to change the treatment.

London doctor: ‘We receive a lot of patients from detention centres. Quite often they’re cuffed.’

  • 84 year old immigration detainee was handcuffed and chained as he lay dying in hospital. Dvorzak Inquest, Day 6.

Jamie Oliver’s “Sugar Tax” – the icing on the austerity cake

We need to stop patronising people and curve-balling round the real problem.

It may not look like it, but Jeremy Hunt DOES have a plan for the NHS...

The Tories would have us believe they're backing away from NHS privatisation. In fact, they're stealthily laying the groundwork for maximum profit opportunities - and comprehensive healthcare may be the first casualty. 

Will the NHS survive another winter crisis?

This Saturday’s doctors' march could be the start of a vital NHS-wide fight-back against cuts and demoralisation. The alternative is frightening.

Not fair, not safe - 6 reasons junior doctors are preparing to strike

Tomorrow tens of thousands of junior doctors and their supporters are descending on Westminster. Why?

How mental health services fail young people and what can be done about it

Slashed budgets, stressed workers and young people in desperate need across England and Wales. Something’s got to give.

Squandered lives: Why is it so hard for young people to find decent mental health care?

Vulnerable young people suffering from mental illness are not getting the help that they need. Kesia’s story.

Politics as therapy: they want us to be just sick enough not to fight back

On 10 October it is World Mental Health Day. I used to be outgoing, but a descent into crushing depression left me housebound. After Occupy I started asking: how does social environment shape our psychology? CW.

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