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About Laura Dowley

Laura Dowley is British human rights lawyer living and working in Mexico. She represents refugees and asylum seekers. 

Articles by Laura Dowley

This week’s editor

Tom Rowley is editor of oDR, covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How an indigenous woman left her mark on a tumultuous presidential campaign in Mexico

Marichuy didn’t gather the necessary number of signatures to run for president, but that hasn’t stopped a movement’s campaign for political representation.

México: tierra de refugio

¿Cómo es que México, un país asociado con los cárteles de la droga, el crimen organizado y la alta emigración a los Estados Unidos, se convirtió en un país de refugio para gentes procedentes del Triángulo Norte? English

Mexico: a country of refuge

How did Mexico, a country long-associated with drug cartels, organized crime and high levels of emigration to the US, become a country of refuge for people coming from the Northern Triangle? Español

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