Desperada Ama de casa

16 December 2005
If you think that the desperate housewives of the eponymous US show look too neat, too beautiful, too “Hollywoodian”, and, well, just too fake really … not only would you be right, but you would also be happy about the following.
You can now take delight in the daily life of a desperate housewife on the web! Mirta Bertotti is 52 year old, lives in Argentina with her husband, three kids, and father-in-law, and has decided to tell us all what her life is like in her blog.
Feeling bored already? Don’t really want to read about someone else’s boring life/concerns/experiences?

Well cheer up because this is a fiction! And a new concept of fiction. Hernán Casciari is an Argentinian writer living in Barcelona who created in 2003 the first “blogonovela” (blognovel) as he calls it. He created a character, Mirta (apparently inspired by his own mother) and put in her mouth (or was she putting hers in his mind?) the daily concerns of a housewife in a comical and satirical way. “How do you stay young when your fifteen-year-old daughter knows more than you about sex?” is one of her recurring interrogations for instance. Hence the title:"Más respeto, que soy tu madre" (A Little Respect, I'm Your Mother).
It is even illustrated by Argentina’s famous cartoonist Bernardo Erlich.

Still feeling sceptical about reading it? Well, the Deutsche Welle International reviewed it for you and decided to award it the 2005 Gold Jury Prize in the Best Weblog category 3 weeks ago. Which basically means it is the best blog you can read on the web right now! If you don’t like reading on a screen, the book just came out. You have no excuse!

Well actually, you might have ONE since both the blog and the book haven’t been translated from Spanish yet. Though learning Spanish just to be able to read one of them would be more than worth it …

Here is where to start (if you speak Spanish or decided to learn it… )

If you want to know more about the other winners and nominees of the Deutsche Welle International Best of the Blogs (BOB) Awards

The official site

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