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How to sext like a feminist

What do sex-texts look like through a feminist lens? #sextlikeafeminist

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Inge Snip
3 September 2021, 9.21am

When “I like my orgasms like I like my feminist politics – fierce, radical, consistent and liberating” comes by on your Twitter feed, you know you’re going to be in for possibly the most exciting Twitter storm of the year.

As part of Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements! organised by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) – an organisation supporting feminist, women’s rights and gender justice movements – bold feminists took to the social media platform inviting all other feminists to join them in sharing their best feminists sexts.

Co-hosted by feminist author Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, feminist blog Adventures From, and Pan-Africanist digital queer womanist platform AfroFemHub, they asked the questions: What does it mean to sext like a feminist? How can we safely and consensually explore our pleasure, desires and fantasies via text? How do feminists sext?

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We’ve collected some of the best we found:

Decolonize this, decolonize that, DECOLONIZE THESE THIGHS!

Objectify me respectfully

Strip off the patriarchy and your clothes then come touch me baby

Had a dream that we were laying in each other’s arms on a beach together deeply engaged in conversations about the importance of abortion access, trans healthcare, and overall reproductive justice

Leave your biases, preconceptions AND your clothes at the door! #SextLikeAFeminist

Let’s eat respectfully. Good WAP is best served with consent

What am I wearing? Badass bodily autonomy, and it feels nice. You?

Loud in the streets and the sheets. Multitasking?
‘What do we want? Orgasms! When do we want it? Now!’

I want to cum so hard my ancestors awaken and rejoin the struggle

I act like I’m okay but deep down I really just want to cuddle naked with my crush and softly whisper ‘sex work is real work’ in their ear

I prefer an intersectional approach, namely the tongue and finger method

Roses are red. Violets are blue. All bodies are sexy. And so are you

Alternative way to #SextLikeAFeminist… Just send teasers of @nas009’s book

Send me a picture… of the patriarchy between your legs, just before you squeeze…

Me: Sir, have you tried pegging? Him: No, I haven’t. Me: Think about it, cuz I would love to screw you the way the workplaces screw employees out of a livable wage.

Let’s take it nice and slow. Orgasms, much like feminist movement building, take time, energy & a little creativity

Make sure you stretch and hydrate tonight. I am cummin’ for all the orgasms the femmes and women before me were denied

Come over and let's make beautiful… #feministrealities… between the sheets #SextLikeAFeminist

I wanna squeeze your ass like I wanna squeeze mysogynists out of corporate hierarchies

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