Colin Greer

Colin Greer
4 May 2011

In 2050, stigmatized differences (race, gender, religion, local or national origin), especially biological and historical, are no longer a meaningful justification for war, assault, imprisonment, inequality, privilege, authority, value. Following massive geopolitical, national and local economic, political and social meltdowns leaving people as devastated as by any natural disasters, as a result ‘human fellowship’ is a shared worldview.
Leaders emerged out of creative and effective constituency groups with a shared message of why and how to renew and secure the bases of common humanity, and interpersonal/intersocial wellbeing. Local wealth and assets developed anywhere in the world are recognized as the result of joint application of multi-dimensional human effort and well stewarded natural resources.
With no-one to blame, blame grew rusty and the rickety record of high and low level intergroup conflict over resources gave way. Decade by decade, new perspective and infrastructure was developed–each step forward strengthened by the step already taken toward an ethical and collaborative platform for democratic global politics.

Şirin Tanrıtanır/Flickr/Some rights reserved

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Şirin Tanrıtanır/Flickr/Some rights reserved

Author: Colin Greer

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