Communication as an education tool

“I've seen how the reality of young people and marginalised communities can be changed.”

Facundo Vila
23 October 2016

My name is Facundo Vila and I'm from Argentina. With my participation at the World Forum for Democracy, I want to propose communication as a topic of discussion, and as a means for education and the consolidation of democracy. I also would like to share my current experience in relation to education, democracy, and communication.

Flickr/Richard Lee. Some rights reserved.

Flickr/Richard Lee. Some rights reserved.I work as a trainer in the public defender office of Argentina. There we run workshops in the many community, rural and indigenous radio stations all over the country and assess their work with them. These are informal workshops based on popular education or education for critical awareness, which was developed by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. In this event, communication is used as an education tool. Not only because access to information is key to empowering people (because knowledge is power), improving their lives and breaking the social divide. But also because people can improve their skills, explore and develop their capabilities and talents. And, as part of communication rights, express their own ideas, opinions, and beliefs. Therefore, by sharing them, they enrich or transform them and engage with others.

Another world is possible.

I'm motivated to be part of this event because with these real life testimonies, that I want to tell, I've seen how the reality of young people and marginalised communities can be changed. Another world is possible. Let's all join the conversation.

openDemocracy will be at this year's World Forum for Democracy, exploring the relationship between education and democracy with a citizens’ newsroom. Register here.

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