Stop lawfare against President Lula of Brazil

The judicial and media persecution of former President Lula da Silva is unethical and illegitimate. By criminalizing Lula selectively and without proof, Judge Sergio Moro assaults Brazilian democracy. Español Português

10 May 2017

Lula da Silva celebrating with Dilma Rousseff her reelection back in 2014. Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência Brasil. Some rights reserved.

We, Brazilian citizens committed to defending democracy, human rights and the rule of law in our country want to express our indignation with the way the Operation Car Wash has been conducted, and the practice of lawfare, both established under the pretext of combating corruption in Brazil. These practices, permitted by a compromised Brazilian Supreme Court, are being used under a pretense legitimate process.

They are, in fact, leading to the destruction of Brazilian democracy and to maintaining the enactors of a parliamentary, judicial and mediatic coup d’état in office, despite their seizing of power from President-elect Dilma Rousseff.

We stand in support of President Lula da Silva and denounce the practices of Judge Sergio Moro, who behaves both as a prosecutor and a judge. Moro is a lower court judg whose arbitrary manipulation of law and disregard for individual guarantees are bein investigated under a human rights violation accusation by the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Moro in his position of a Judge, has ordered the arrest of suspects based solely on accusations.

He has been in collusion with the prison system to force confessions and false accusations, and acts against suspects as if they were his adversaries. Further, he has exposed President Lula on national television, with direct leaks of investigation material, recordings of the suspect’s conversations, including illegal recordings of confidential conversations with his lawyers. This unbridled invasion and disruption of due processes, including illegal and unauthorized intercepts have caused the fabrication of evidence and attempted character assassination of one of Brazil’s most popular elected officials to this day.

Under the false excuse of ‘cleaning house’ and ridding Brazil of corruption, Judge Moro has handpicked his criminals, persecuting not only Lula, but others associated with the Workers Party. Meanwhile, many perpetrators of corruption associated with the PSDB and PMDB parties, against whom there is plenty of proof material, are not persecuted. They have kept the millions of dollars they gained through bribery and stole from State-owned companies in Brazil.

The judicial and media persecution of former President Lula is unethical and illegitimate. By criminalizing Lula selectively and without proof, Moro assaults Brazilian democracy. Furthermore, Moro’s Lawfare is a clear and known attempt, with open and ample support from the mainstream media of Brazil, to delegitimize Lula’s legacy and his political viability as a candidate for president in 2018 (and given that he is by far a favorite contender).

We believe that, as any citizen, Lula can and should be investigated, provided that there are plausible reasons, and that due processes of law are observed. Lula is accused of owning real estate property that he does not. Even the fees that he receives for activity as an international guest speaker, have been exposed, and attempted to be criminalized.

Furthermore, the disregard for his legacy is an attack on the Brazilian people who chose to reelect the Workers Party four consecutive times. This relentless and unjust persecution comes at a time when the curtailing of political freedoms is once again becoming standard practice.

Leaders of social movements, some linked to the history of the Workers Party, as well as members of the independent press are being persecuted, jailed and, in some cases, even killed. The police has violently repressed street demonstrations of those who have peacefully defended human rights, democracy, and social movements.

As Lula gets dragged into this judicial conflicted arena, we echo the voices of the thousands of people gathered in the city of Curitiba to support Lula.

We stand with Lula in his right to the presumption of innocence, ample defense, and a Fair Hearing.

Defend Democracy in Brazil / New York

Brazilian Expats for Democracy and Social Justice (Washington DC)

Democracy for BRASIL (UK)

[email protected] da Democracia de Barcelona

#westandwithlula #comLulapeloBrasil #StopCoupinBrazil #lawfareiswarfare 

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