22 October 2005

What is the title of the documentary on women prisoners in Uruguay? it sounds so fascinating and for sure it needs to be distributed and made known as widely as possible.

I am taking a few days out of the country to come to another country (i can say where for my safety and that of my colleague, another woman). we are meeting and going through strategies to bring attention to the situatin in Cambodia where promiment leaders and human rights activists have been arested and MPs jailed and faced with no parliamentary immunity.

We discussed strategies to threaten the women's netaorks for democracy inside the country, how to help them keep their strength, how women workers and union leaders can be safe and how to stay out of jail.

My heart is broken as my colleague is in exile and I, at least can still be inside the country but some day my turn might come when I have to decide between jail and self-exile.

I share this very personal matters with all of you because i want you to know of th esituation in Cambodia. Elections for the communes are coming up and we need to get rid of this atmosphere of fear and threats and constant harrassment of activists by the government and a judiciary that is totally under the control of the primie minister.

Next week I will be on a radio program , live, and th e topic is on women and politics. IBecause of the atmosphere of fear, i have to be very careful about what I say but nevertheless the show must go on. Last week the topic was changed because the host left the country, ferang for her life.

Tongiht my colleague and I said goodbye and it was so extremely hard to hold back the tears as we need our strength to go forward.

I am thinking of some many thousands of women who find temselves in the same situation as us. I keep saying to myself that at least I am free. 2 very good friends are in jail at ths moment.

I end this messsage here feeling extreemly sad, knowing that my dear collaegue wants knowing more than returning home.

It is a bit difficult for me to keep talking about UN resolution 1325 or any other teaties, any other conventins when rwe know that some many governments do not give a damn and still these leaders and some of them the same leaders sit inthei rpositon with total protection and immunity.

It is not enough to adopt rsolutin. There has to be a way to implement i and ways to publicize countries that fail to respect what they have signed. We need to have a score board.  

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