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To all non-Muslims, please take it easy on Islam and if you want to know about it so much - please read the Quran.

Karim Adel
23 September 2012

Last week I was on tour throughout the UK (seven cities) and I decided to stay a full week in London. During that week, while I was busy looking around the British Museum and Hyde Park… shopping at Camden Market and in Oxford Street… between feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square and squirrels in the parks… I heard about new turmoil back home in Egypt and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world.

See, this is not the first time this has happened. Another western movie has emerged, well at least its trailer, on the net… and, it’s yet another movie that disrespects Prophet Mohammed and actually goes out of its way to make up stories and incidents and even give room to sexual scenes in what is quite clearly not a work of art, or even an attempt to create a movie, so much as it is a very clear attempt to create tension between the western world, and in particular the US where the movie was produced, and the rest of the Muslim world worldwide…   Surely no better timing than right before the US election… Surely no coincidence that it was unleashed on us online on Sept 11, right after Netanyahu's speech critical of Obama's leniency towards Iran during his presidential term….

As fully expected by the perpetrators, the Arab and Muslim world has been boiling as a result of this insulting garbage and demonstrations and attacks have been going on around US embassies all over the Arab world, most violently in Cairo, Egypt and in Libya where the US Ambassador and 3 other Americans were attacked and killed!!           

As a Muslim I find myself asking… If we follow Prophet Mohammed, why can’t we actually try to act like him? Our Prophet was never a man of violence and anger and fury, so why do so many of us look angry and act like it all the time, even if it is in retaliation? Prophet Mohammed was often attacked, ridiculed, cussed at, stoned, beaten and boycotted! Yet he never reacted in violence towards people and if anyone actually reads Islamic history nowadays they would know that when the people of Tayeff attacked Prophet Mohammed and stoned him and injured him, angel Gabriel asked Mohammed if he wanted to order the mountains to close up on and squash the whole city of Tayeff, but prophet Mohammed stopped him and said No! Give them a chance for mercy and their sons and future seeds might become faithful and better men….Where are we heading as Muslims, with all this violence? Would our own prophet who we think we are defending have let us kill in his name?

Two wrongs never made a right… and we still can’t justify that movie even if we are wrong to react to it that way… It is like someone accusing you of being a terrorist so you get angry and break his car window for it… well you may have not been a terrorist before he accused you but you became one afterwards!

On the other hand, the western world needs to be less welcoming to such acts of hate that come out in the name of freedom of speech!No man has the freedom to attack someone else’s freedom of faith, thought, ideas or art creation… you can love it or hate it but it is still mine and you have no right or freedom to openly disrespect it...

I think the makers of that movie should be investigated and the real motives of those who made this movie should be discovered and announced with full detail on who funded this project and for what sick political reason it was made so specifically in its timing..

And since I was asked about this so many times in the UK I will say it here once and for all…To all non-Muslims, please take it easy on Islam and if you want to know about it so much - please read the Quran.  You can’t find out what it is like by looking at how a few Muslims act, any more than you will find a Christian who is a walking Bible!

And to all Muslims, the best way to follow, honor, and defend our prophet is to learn about his life, how he lived and try to be like him. He was a pleasant, smiling, well spoken, peaceful man! And Islam means submitting all will to God, In PEACE.

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