My 350 on BREXIT: Class war is raging

“So this seemed like a golden opportunity to .... get rid of Jeremy Corbyn! Because, apparently, it was all his fault!”

Jim Butler-Daulby
30 June 2016

Brexit has caused much confusion and division in Britain. Its success came as a shock even to those who voted for it. The usual response of the average Brit, it has been said, is to keep the status quo. Days before the final vote people were convinced that Britain would remain, come what may. The conspiracy fraternity had already posted claims on social media that an exit vote could, and most probably would, be ignored.

So the outcome was a shock. It has, however, unleashed a wave of contempt against the ruling classes! And vice versa. From Cameron’s “surprise” resignation, (it’s been revealed that he and Sam had arranged a mortgage some nine days before the referendum, so....), handing Boris Johnson a poisoned chalice, (initiate Article 50 and see the economy flatten, or don’t and see the masses try to burn down Westminster!), Tory ‘remainers’ gathering in their ABBG (Anyone But Boris Group), to a three million strong petition demanding a re-run because they now know that they were summarily lied to. The Tories are in freefall.

So this seemed like a golden opportunity to .... get rid of Jeremy Corbyn! Because, apparently, it was all *his* fault! Corbyn is the most eminently electable politician we have in parliament because he has been the most successful leader the Labour party, as a political party, have had at the helm. No other leader has attracted more new members than he. Yet, apparently, he’s “unelectable”! What’s been missed in the analyses of this vote is the fact that not all the 17 million voters were “Little Englanders” wishing to pull up the drawbridge and “take control of our (or should that be ‘are’) country”! Many were ‘lexiters’ who felt threatened by the creeping control of the corporates and the subsequent threat to democracy. But more were just fed-up with the status quo. It was described by some commentators as “two fingers up at the Establishment”.

So where do we go from here? Well it seems as if the Establishment are raging against the thought of democracy beginning to call the shots. The Labour coup, at a time when, should a snap election be called today, a juggling cat could beat the Tories, both parties are now desperately trying to ‘restore order’! The fear of a Corbyn led government has prompted one enterprising Daily Mail journalist to try to encourage his readers to join the Labour Party in order to vote against him in a leadership battle. (“Unelectable”, eh?) A class war is raging right now, before our very eyes. I hope this time, the right side wins!

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