Old love, new states - The Week in 1 Minute: June 9 – 15 on openDemocracy

The week opens alongside the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London, with an exhortation to listen to women on the frontline. 50.50 listens to Syrian women refugeesfleeing rape; reports uproar in India at gang rape; calls for an end to the violence of detention of asylum seekers; suggests we reclaim of the notion of ‘victim of a system’; and remembers the remarkable career of Northern Ireland peacemakerInez McCormack.

14 June 2014

OurKingdom chips in with a challenge to Angelina Jolie to meet rape survivors in a UK detention centre. Here, the latest tranche of the Kilburn Manifesto is eager to change the terms of the debate on the economy, release the grip of the Treasury, and can only marvel at an ‘inclusive capitalism’ to which we are not invited.

We also monitor racism in Northern Ireland; ask what’s best for Scotland; eavesdrop on a discussion on independence and global poverty in Edinburgh, and suggest that understanding UKIP means acknowledging UK nationalism. Anthony Barnett points out that the British Constitution is now ‘something that GCHQ makes up as it goes along’ and says, let’s have our rights, not Magna Bollocks!

We have more straight talking on slavery and trafficking, and the Arab spring which isn’t over yet. Making waves this week apart from the World Cup, are: the New Citizens Movement in China;Podemos in Spain, with some interesting demographics; a human chain in the Basque Country; and Öcalan’s call for a new kind of political Islam. But everyone sits up as ISIL cuts a swathe through Iraq and Syria.

We look at Maliki’s incompetencehear from Baghdad, and remember Tony Blair’s record, as Paul Rogers explains why any western intervention would play into the insurgency’s hands and Hazem Sagieh finds that Lebanon is relatively stable.

We look closely at migrant domestic work in Lebanon; the impact of Libyan asylum seekers on Italy; sex attacks on street children in Egypt and the media treatment of women; and ponder an Arab world between liberal imperialism and oppression. Meanwhile, there’s nothing but questions on Europe: Who should run it? How and why to reframe it? Who are the Eurosceptic winners and losers? Whither Europe? ask the economists.

Transformation visits a New Economy conference in the USA, and exposes the myth of trickle down economics as it brings its liberation theme to a close with a woman glad to have been a man, and Hollywood’s problem with minorities.

While eyes have been on Ukraine’s blackmail system and Russian propaganda, oDR has been following the galloping militarization of EurasiaCrimea and Nagorno-KarabakhTransnistria, asking who is Igor Strelkov? and contributing to oD’s coverage of the Open City Docs Fest with a review of Children404 on Russia’s invisible youth.

The London film festival starts this week, films including Master of the UniverseJudgment in HungaryCairo DriveIn the Shadow of War, and the Stream of Love

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