Poem: she screamed in Syria

Ameen Outspoken uses spoken poetry to shed further light on the bloodshed and atrocities being committed in Syria. He reminds us that we must not avert our gaze when innocents are suffering.

Ameen Outspoken
3 July 2012


She Screamed in Syria (Listen)

Torture and death

To cleanse the blessed ones

Taken to a better place

But still their blood runs

Those who survive live only for the one phrase

Even the smoke filled sky could not hold all their names

Left to the dogs quite literally

And the dogs are blind deaf and dumb so their own actions they do not see

A disease in their hearts and we know thats what we really see with

Covered in blackness so their minds seams split

This is the foundation for such actions

To think a nation could be split into fractions

Yes split, limbs, heads and organs

The night is so dark so many don't awake in the morning

The blood spread from underneath her body

Her children still alive but shell shocked from the weaponry

As the light disappeared at sundown so did the limited safety

The evil spread like darkness upon the soon to be cemetery

Where's the ease

No ease

No ease for them


Bells as shells signalling their demise

Looking above to their Lord uttering the last words incase its their time

She screamed

She screamed like the shells over the skies of Hama

Like the man ripped apart by six armed cowards

But they will regret at turn of the hour

At the turn of the tides that has already started

Each revolution of the earth bring curses upon the mindless

When his back's against the wall he find himself spineless

The order is given, shoot on site

Take life upon life

But it is He who has given it

And in time He shows His might

So let the angels decent to defend the patient

Victory from the One who says be as and it is

Power is with the one who split the sea

So Lord of the worlds use us for this victory

It's time to stand up and be counted

Victory is only for those who pay the price at the time when they're surrounded

Be it blood or salary

We sacrifice it in charity

And when the black flags fly we look to the sky in humility

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