Revolutionise education

We let grades define our children's intelligence and the consequences of that are that many highly talented kids think they're not.

Yasser Machat
4 November 2016

Hello internet! I am Yasser, a university student from Tunisia. Through my fourteen years in our educational system, I've studied in three types of schools: private schools, public schools and pioneer schools (a school for "good students"). So I developed a few ideas about education and I want to share them with you.

The world is changing every single day, yet we fail to adapt our education system to these massive changes. We expect our kids to be creative and to think outside the box, yet we imprison them in school buildings and order them to obey and memorise different school curriculums. We tell them to follow their dreams and fight for them, yet in schools we keep them away from things they love. "Don't do arts! You'll never be an artist anyway!"

We let grades define their intelligence and the consequences of that are that many highly talented kids think they're not. We have to revolutionise our education. First, as a basic rule, education must be available to all kids in our planet. All chances must be equal. Schools must teach them more about life, and how to connect with people. It must drive their passion and fuel their creativity. We need education to give equal weight to the arts, humanities, social studies - and not just technical subjects.

A school in Tunisia. Wikimedia/Yamen. Public domain.

I've always believed that, through education, we can make this world a better place for us and for our children. Therefore I am super motivated to join you to talk about education and democracy at the World Forum for Democracy. And to use my blog to spread this noble message: we have to revolutionise our education! Thank you.

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