6 June 2007

openDemocracy.net is published by openDemocracy Limited, a company limited by guarantee and wholly owned by the openDemocracy Foundation for the Advancement of Global Education.

The aims of the Foundation are to encourage the advancement of education and particularly the understanding of democracy, global processes and participation by protecting the name, independence and spirit of openDemocracy Limited and openDemocracy.net and ensuring that openDemocracy.net is not published for the profit of any individuals.

The partnership between the Foundation, which appoints the Editor, and the Board of openDemocracy Limited, which oversees the operation, creates what in the United States is termed a 'not-for-profit' social venture.

The Foundation is not a registered charity but its objects and purposes are for the advancement of education and it qualifies for charitable donations under the laws of the U.K.

The Foundation, openDemocracy Limited and openDemocracy.net seek public benefit not party political purpose. They do not support, or oppose, any political party or candidate for public office; they do not lobby or otherwise attempt to influence any legislation. All opinions on the site, including those of the editor and the staff, belong to the individuals who express them. They encourage contributors to openDemocracy.net to found their opinions on reasoned argument, accurate information and proper research, and to express these opinions clearly and in well-crafted fashion.

At the heart of openDemocracy is independence from vested interests, including those of the foundations and trusts which currently help to fund it. As a 'not-for-profit' it retains and reinvests all its profits to build and improve the venture but it still needs to make money to become financially self-supporting. The more it does so the more its independence will be secured. So openDemocracy.net needs supporters to grow and flourish. Please become one: click here.

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