Where are the openDemocracy readers?


In the latest campaign blog, our Editor-in-Chief gives a shout out to our readers no matter where they are and asks you to consider supporting us or nudging a friend to do so

Magnus Nome
13 March 2013

As an openDemocracy reader you’re in good – but not exclusive – company. 2,3 million people (unique visitors) have read us since this date last year, up 15% from the previous period.

And that readership is global, coming from 225 countries and territories. They’re not always legion of course, but no less important for that, so a shout out to our single reader in Tuvalu: hi there! - we know of and appreciate you!

The countries with the largest oD readerships are the US and the UK, not surprising since we publish mostly in English, and the same goes for the next countries; Canada, India and Australia. Then follow the Europeans: Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

Readership has increased in all of these countries, most so in India and the US, but the list of countries where oD has seen the strongest growth looks very different; in Mauritania, Ethiopia, Qatar, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Lithuania and Bahrain visits are up 210% to 52%. Our proliferation in the MENA region is no doubt down to the changes that have happened – and are still happening – on the ground there, and our coverage of them in Arab Awakening and 50.50.

Our readership is spread thin across the world, and many don’t have the opportunity to contribute any money, so we depend upon more of you who can afford it to make a donation. Many of you have done so already, and maybe you could nudge a friend who also values openDemocracy. But if you haven’t, please consider helping us secure our future.

I enjoy seeing our reach extending, but quality trumps quantity, and nothing beats an article or debate that changes the world – even if it’s just the mind of a single person. For an account of an evolving mind and the influence of an early but key openDemocracy debate, read ’Iraq after 10 years’ by my predecessor, Tony Curzon Price.

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