James Mackay


Our Beeb is a digital challenge to the BBC and a debate on the nature and future of public service broadcasting across Britain in all its forms and media. How can we ensure public service media are creative and accountable to the public? How to ensure that the BBC itself is felt to be 'ours' bythe public who fund it and whose many voices it claims to represent? At a time of cuts in public revenues and rapid technological change and the current fall from grace of the Murdoch empire, the role of the BBC as overwhelmingly the main source of news towers over traditional party politics. It is time to reshape the debate on the future of the UK's most important cultural institution. 

Funded by 95% of British homes via the license fee, the BBC belongs to the people, not the government. OurBeeb is independent, non-partisan, and aims to ensure that the discussion about the future of British Broadcasting Corporation is inthe hands of the British people.

Who are we? 

Brian Winston (Editor)

Adam Ramsay (Managing Editor)

OurBeeb Steering Group (under construction)