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Light blue group: results of first iteration

We need a new economy based on feminization of politics, deprofitisation of war, valuing invisible labour and demarketisation of environment and caring.


Light blue group: results of second iteration

It would be strategic to create feeling spaces where we can explore the masculine experience of patriarchy. Real democracy now!

Light blue group: results of third iteration and final statement

I’m not having my needs met.

We can’t achieve change until we learn to live the life we want to see.

Nip it in the bud – change the tree before it grows rigid.

To have feelings and be able to express is more than a privilege – it is a miracle. We can use that capability in our favor, but politics start when we use it to be able to think what would other people, other beings, other objects feel.

There is an impredicative, self-reinforcing relationship between extractive capitalism, war profiteering and violence against women. We must teach men to recognize expressions of patriarchy at every scale. To intervene, we must address the social, cultural, and economic institutions that validate and perpetuate the cycle.

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