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The citizenshop

Freedom of movement means no such thing. Movement is a marketplace – how much does it cost?

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This video is published as part of an editorial partnership between openDemocracy, The Open University and Counterpoints Arts to reanimate the Tate Exchange project in which academics and artists together ask who – during a time when the lines marking out citizens, borders and nations are being redrawn, or drawn more starkly – 'we' are, and who gets to decide.

About the authors

Nele Vos is a narrative experience designer living and working in Berlin. In 2016 she completed an M.A. in Narrative Environments, Central Saint Martins with distinction and works now as co-founding partner at Goller&Vos. In addition to her applied design projects she combines her conceptual and graphic design skills to create politically and participatory driven installations against the backdrop of migration and globalization. 

Marcia Chandra is a visual storyteller with a background in ethnography and development. Much of her work focuses around migration, identity and urban change. She works freelance with community groups, NGOs and research organizations producing stories, interactive projects and workshops. Visit her website here.

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