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Peel power, the real Northern Powerhouse

Examining one holder of real power in the northwest can give us clues about the true shape of the Northern Powerhouse. - free thinking for the world

Peel power, the real Northern Powerhouse

Examining one holder of real power in the northwest can give us clues about the true shape of the Northern Powerhouse. - free thinking for the world

The Sun trials

Jeremy Hunt goes nuclear - the 12 things you need to know

Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose a contract makes as little sense as the rest of his narrative about the junior doctors and a '7 day NHS' - unless you unpick the real story.

Millions are missing from the UK’s electoral registers

The foundations of UK democracy are threatened by a crisis in voter registration. 

Schools like prisons, prisons like schools

The Conservative government's latest announcement is not as absurd as first seems.

Three strikes against the IP bill

As of this morning, three committees have now passed damning judgement on the Home Office's draft Investigatory Powers Bill. But will they listen?

Raw intelligence-sharing and the Investigatory Powers Bill

Despite wanting to set a 'gold standard' some areas remain too sensitive to place under the rule of law, it seems.

Is Hollywood helping to change attitudes to the Cold War?

A Bridge of Spies is a timely reminder that East-West relations in the Cold War can be viewed now with the perspective of history. This is not always in the West’s favour.

Help us to help the NHS

Doctors striking, nurses protesting - the NHS needs independent journalism, free of government and corporate spin, more than ever. And now we need your help to crowd-source funding for our coverage.

Peel power, the real Northern Powerhouse

Examining one holder of real power in the northwest can give us clues about the true shape of the Northern Powerhouse.

What's the junior doctors strike got to do with neoliberalism, anyway?

If we can win the argument against neoliberalism anywhere, it should be in healthcare.

Why I have removed my backing for an NHS commission

The proposed 'NHS Commission' lacks red lines on the founding principles of the NHS - that it is comprehensive and publicly funded - and so risks becoming a vehicle for privateers.

It's time to make the progressive case for staying in the EU

Britain's exit from the EU wouldn't liberate us from neoliberalism. Only joint struggles across borders can do that.

To the BBC: don’t give airtime to the Taliban’s threats

Afghanis inside and outside the country have been angered by the BBC's interview with a Taliban spokesman directly after a suicide attack, in which he announced a new target.

The DiEM25 manifesto: Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

On 9 February, activists and arguers from across Europe gather in Berlin’s Volksbühne to launch DiEM25, a manifesto for a democratic European Union. openDemocracy's founder introduces the manifesto and explains why it is so vital for Europe today. Español

5 ideas for hacking television

The creator of the Capital City Project lays out five principles that can be used to radically democratise television.

Exhausted? Of course I am.

Jeremy Hunt's strategy seems to be to wear the striking junior doctors down with cuts and propaganda. Will it work?

What we’ve learned from fifty years of Saudi arms deals

Arms deals with Saudi Arabia say a lot about British political culture and foreign policy. And not in a good way.

Googling Google – what tax do they owe?

Exact figures are hard to pin down, intentionally so. But it appears George Osborne celebrated a tax contribution from Google that was less than a tenth of what should have been owed.

A different Europe or bust

As David Cameron’s renegotiation nears its uneventful conclusion, the big picture of what kind of Europe we want to live in is in danger of being lost. What can we do to change it?

What is the future for public service broadcasting in Scotland?

With the UK facing an identity crisis how will the new BBC Charter meet Scottish demands for greater autonomy and what will that mean for Scotland and for Britain?

Can memorialisation be a form of urban protest?

Perhaps the arch footpath of the demolished Heygate estate should be preserved, a reminder of the London that was.

Children in trouble: punishment or welfare?

BBC Panorama exposed abuse at Medway Secure Training Centre — and a government policy that has gone off the rails.

Say no to Roosh V on Saturday, for the sake of, well, everyone

The pro-rape 'pick up artist' organising gatherings around the world should be met with a plethora of protests.

After Brexit: the Eurosceptic vision of an Anglosphere future

Eurosceptics fantasies about an alliance of the Anglosphere may be implausible, but they show the need for a positive vision.

With months until key elections, thousands have been purged from Britain's electoral register

The government ignored Electoral Commission advice to delay its voter registration system change, and thousands risk being denied a vote.

The growing gap between private and public in European broadcasting

We’re told the BBC is ‘too big’. Yet Britain is part of a Europe-wide trend where funding for public service is shrinking, while commercial revenue grows.

Red doors for asylum seekers: MPs grill one of Britain’s richest landlords

“An unseemly and unsavoury” business? Stuart Monk of Jomast fails to impress.

Is culture really what makes Britain great? And does Dominic Sandbrook understand it?

Sandbrook's new book takes a narrow version of British culture which fetishises Tory England and ignores all else.

The BBC must lead the effort against religious illiteracy

Religion continues to shape our world but most media fail to take it seriously. Public service broadcasters must confront this head-on, says the BBC’s Head of Religion. 

Is Downton Abbey the best we can do?

Downton Abbey’s blend of nostalgia and wishful-thinking has been entertaining, but it raises questions about class that have yet to be resolved even now.

NHS campaigners say 'No' to NHS Commission

Campaigners oppose Alan Milburn and Norman Lamb's latest wheeze, and MPs must too.

'Overground will be run by TfL' – oh really?

The big announcement that south London rail services will be brought under Transport for London fails to mention one thing – the service will actually be operated by foreign firms, for profit.

Marked out for attack: living in the UK 'asylum market'

Private companies took public money to house asylum seekers behind distinctive red doors and make them wear bright shiny wristbands.

A Kafkaesque journey through the Freedom of Information Act

With ministers talking about restricting Britain's Freedom of Information Act, take these experiences of trying to weasel information out of government departments using FoI requests.

Does British TV have a problem with independent documentary?

The Unorthodocs season at Somerset House features acclaimed documentaries never seen on British TV. Are UK broadcasters denying audiences access to a golden age of independent film-making?

Why are Russell Group universities opposing FoI?

Top universities think laws to encourage transparency and accountability are “unfair”.

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