Chasing the Scream, the talk

The last days of the war on drugs - and how to bring them to pass. The video of the London open book event.

Johann Hari
28 March 2015
Billie Holiday, Harry Anslinger and race hysteria in drug criminalisation

Leigh Maddox, police woman from the frontline who changed her mind

Mexican drug cartels & the story of Rosalio Retta. What we're doing to people on supply routes

Jose Mujica's reaction to the threat of Uruguay becoming a narco-state

Rat Park & addiciton

What would being tough on the causes of addiction mean?

Female chain-gangs in Arizona

Nictoine, chemical theory of addiction, patches

John Marks and the Merseyside experiment

Is opium the opiate of the masses? Is legalisation a middle class indulgence?

The Portuguese decriminalisation

What is a strategy for change? Not top-down ...

Grassroots change in Vancouver, Downtown East-Side, Bud Osborne

Is anything going to change? The political elites are waiting for our permission

An ex-addict speaks about prescription drug substitution

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