I am a safe space

Rhiannon White
25 July 2017

I am a safe space


I am human 

I am alive and so are you

I am consciousness and matter

My body feels, my body feels you

I am heart, mind, gut, earth, empathy


I am a safe space

I like people

People like me and take care of me


I am community

I am togetherness

I am a human

I am nature

I am because we are









I am a sociable person

I am an argumentative person

I am the kind of person who likes discussions with all kinds of people


I am a listener 

I am a warm body to cuddle up to

I am part of a vibrant constructive community


I keep intruders outside

I make you invisible from the outside world, when you need me to

I am full of food


I am community

I am togetherness

I am a human

It’s never cold or windy inside me

You can leave whenever you feel like


I am attentive

I am considerate

I am responsive to others

I anticipate your needs

I reach from safety into care and from care into pleasure

I am sensual, smelling, touching, hearing


I am a safe space 

I am a co-operative and you can join

I am a fair economy and we can exchange

I am free and you can be free with me


I have trust

I take care and I’m being cared

I welcome

I deliver

I receive

I find time


I am able to feel pain, weakness and strength

Nobody judges

We all appreciate


Laughter and fun

Recovering and healing


I am a safe space where those who thought they were enemies fall in love, those who thought they were arid bloom. 


I am a safe space that surprises myself and others. 


But how can we know what a safe space is? Really?

But what does it mean to be a safe space for others, for all of us?




I am a safe space because I know who I am


I am a tree

I provide protection and cover and I have a solid floor

I am not judgemental 

I listen

I am moss

I am shelter

I am a shoulder

I am listening

I am still 

I am connecting

I am a room

I am a city

I am a country

I am a bridge

I am an ocean

I am compassion

I feel you 

I am you


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