My 350 on Donald Trump, and those against him winning the presidential election

He is the president of the people of the United States: his concerns are our concerns.

Ashley Schnieders
29 November 2016

It’s alright to be upset when the candidate you wished to become president ends their campaign in defeat. It’s alright to want to be heard in accordance to your worries and concerns for the future political direction from the soon to be new leader of the country. But, it is not alright to incite violent and hateful rioting when things do not go your way.

There is always a diplomatic alternative to be had instead of the beyond belief outlandish and disgraceful behavior that has been rampant throughout the major cities, towns, and college campuses all over the country which can be seen blasted across the news.

As a generation we have a difficult time as it is getting our elder generations to take us more seriously. More so to have them see us as their equals; mature, capable and intelligent. Though it is seemingly an unsubstantiated notion to have, especially when more and more of our generation are consistently making poor choices to act out in the most extreme ways when they feel even the least bit slighted or ignored.

Choosing to act out; attacking other people whom they feel disagreed with their views, destruction of property, and the mistreatment and burning of the flag. Where do our values truly lie? All the while saying Millennials are against hate crimes and to spread love when these very actions negate just that. The choices of an extreme bunch of radicals paint the rest of us in an unfavorable light. 

Each generation should be heard, however it should be in a just, equal, and democratic environment. With equal representation for all and without violence or the fear of being subdued. All peoples should have the right to state their present concerns and combat the concerns they can from others with calm, valid, and intelligible answers. All anyone wants is to be heard, there are just better ways to go about it.

Donald Trump is the president elect, that fact will have to be accepted if one intends to be a citizen of this country. However, what happens during his presidency can be dictated if not at the very least influenced by the people. He is the president of the people of the United States: his concerns are our concerns. How we make ourselves heard in a civil and intelligent manner or not is up to us. Though we are more likely to be heard if we are willing to talk calmly of our concerns and needs instead of scream obscenities.

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