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Where to donate to support Ukrainian civilians in and outside Ukraine

As Ukrainian civilians flee or endure escalating Russian attacks, openDemocracy has collected a list of organisations offering support

2 March 2022, 1.46pm
Donations of supplies in Kyiv
(c) Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo. All rights reserved

Many people outside Ukraine are asking how they can help people in the country right now. One way is to make a donation.

openDemocracy has collected a list of organisations that focus on support to civilians in Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the country on 24 February.

We have included:

  • Large international organisations. These are reputable but have large overheads and may not be able to reach people who are in areas affected by war quickly.
  • Several local organisations that are continuing their work despite the conflict, or supporting evacuations.
  • An initiative supporting local women’s rights’ defenders and activists in the worst affected areas.
  • Initiatives to help Ukrainians after they cross the border into neighbouring countries.

Although openDemocracy cannot vouch for these organisations, we have confirmed that they are active in the current emergency response as of 7 April.

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This list will be updated with further organisations as we can confirm their details.

International organisations

  • The International Committee of the Red Cross has announced it would provide emergency assistance to civilians, and support hospitals and primary healthcare facilities. You can donate here.
  • Doctors Without Borders has had to stop its normal activities in Ukraine and is mobilising in neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia, with the mission to assist refugees. You can donate here.
  • The UNHCR Refugee Agency has launched an emergency appeal to help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe. You can donate here.
  • Save the Children has launched a Ukrainian appeal, to help families meet their basic needs, such as food, medicine and shelter. You can donate here.
  • World Jewish Relief is working through its network of partner organisations in Ukraine. Donate here.
  • UK based charity Healthprom, which supports vulnerable children, women and families disadvantaged by poor health, disability and social exclusion, have launched a fundraiser for children with disabilities in Ukraine. They are sending money to two Ukrainian NGOs helping children with disabilities in Lviv and Vinnytsia. One of them is ONG Dzherelo, which has been assisting people with disabilities arriving to Lviv train station, providing temporary accommodation and distributing humanitarian aid to families. Donate here.

Organisations in Ukraine

Money sent to grassroot activists who have remained in Ukraine or are evacuating will be of immediate assistance.

  • Two experienced aid workers have set up a crowdfunding appeal to support women’s rights’ defenders and activists in Ukraine, particularly those in areas where there is ongoing fighting and supplies are running low. Funds go to transport and evacuations, as well as food and basic necessities. It is worth noting that large humanitarian organisations are unable to access many of these locations. Beneficiaries include Posmishka Fund, based in Zaporizhzhya, where the situation is critical. You can donate here.
  • Ukrainian health organisation Svoyi, which provides adult oncology, respiratory support and palliative care, announced on Facebook that it was still working, and providing care for the wounded. It stated: “Until the very end, we will do everything we can to ensure that the most vulnerable are not left without help.” You can donate here
  • The New Way organisation in Sloviansk, Donbas region are currently staying in the city to conduct humanitarian work. They have provided their bank details to us here:

Euro account
Account Holder Name: NEW WAY CHF
IBAN: UA133510050000026007624767000
Swift Code: KHABUA2K
Address of the bank: ANDRIIVSKA STREET 2/12 KYIV, UKRAINE

US dollar account
Bank Acc. No.: UA483510050000026003878967519
Bank Address: 2/12 Andriivska street, Kyiv, Ukraine
ID No.: 40656510

  • Vostok SOS is a volunteer humanitarian organisation that helps displaced persons in eastern Ukraine. You can donate here (click to the EUR or USD tab). Donations will help deliver medical and humanitarian help, evacuate vulnerable people and provide trauma counselling
  • This fundraiser has been launched to support people with disabilities in Ukraine. Money goes directly to Fight for Rights, an NGO led by Ukrainians with disabilities
  • The Ukrainian Roma Youth network ARCA and other European Roma organisations have set up an initiative to help Roma access humanitarian help. The funds will be used to help Roma families evacuate Ukraine, provide emergency shelter and humanitarian aid, via ARCA and Roma Women Fund Chiricli and support partner organisations in neighbouring countries. The coordinator of the fundraiser told us: “It’s our experience that Roma are often left out and have little social capital.” Donate here
  • In France, the Solidaires trade union is raising funds for its solidarity convoy to Ukrainian trade unions in late April. These funds will be passed directly to Ukrainian trade unions
  • Brian Milakovsky, a US resident of Severodonetsk, is collecting funds that go directly to local organisations helping with humanitarian aid and evacuating people from zones particularly at risk (such as cities of the Luhansk region which remain under Ukrainian control)

Neighbouring countries

Many Ukrainians have left the country or are currently trying to leave. In neighbouring countries, organisations have set up fundraisers to help refugees

  • Polish volunteers have created a fund named Letjaha (Flying Squirrel) to transport Ukrainian refugees from the border to Kraków. Find it on Twitter and donate here
  • In Slovakia, Kto pomôže Ukrajine is an initiative comprising more than 30 organisations trying to provide basic necessities (food, drinking water, medicine and firewood) and longer-term support to Ukrainians who have fled to the country. Donate here
  • Foundation Ocalenie have been supporting migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border since the summer and have now stepped up to help people fleeing Ukraine, especially PoC. Donate here
  • Ukrainian House is a Polish charity which until the war worked predominantly with Ukrainian labour migrants. It is run by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. They have set up an infoline for Ukrainians arriving in Poland and help refugees find accommodation. They also coordinate volunteers and aid distribution
  • British student Ada Wordsworth, who has been volunteering at the Polish border as a translator (among other things), is collecting funds to help Ukrainians with travel expenses outside of Ukraine, and to buy supplies at the border. Wordsworth and fellow translators volunteering at the border have joined forces with Kharkiv residents who have set up a network delivering food, medicine and essential supplies to people inside and around the city (particularly less mobile people, unable to go to bomb shelters. The team is fulfilling around 130 deliveries a day at the moment. More info on how to donate here.

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