The Carnival on Modern Liberty

Tom Griffin
19 January 2009

Tom Griffin (London, OK): Over at Liberal Conspiracy, James Graham announces the launch of a new blog carnival in support of the Convention on Modern Liberty.

As an online companion to the Convention, it is intended to help promote debate on civil liberties on the blogosphere over the next few weeks. Fundamentally however, it is also intended to spur both bloggers and their readers into action.

I will be producing the first edition this Friday on Liberal Conspiracy. Over the next couple of weeks it will move to OurKingdom and Unlock Democracy and then we’ll be looking for volunteers to host future editions - what about you? (email offers to modernliberty *at* quaequamblog *dot* net).

If you have an article you would like to be included in the first edition you can submit it either by following this link or emailing modernliberty *at* quaequamblog *dot* net. The deadline is 4pm on Thursday 22 January (if you miss this it is no problem as it will simply carry over to the next week’s edition). We are particularly looking for articles on the following sub-topics:

* ACTION: our favourite category! ideas and initiatives for raising awareness of civil liberty-related issues.
* EVENTS: civil-liberty related events that you are either organising or would like to promote (you don’t need to wait until 28 February before holding a meetup, tweetup or even just a social to the pub or cinema - if it’s civil liberty related, publicise it here).
* JEERS: reports of the latest assaults on liberties.
* CHEERS: good news (we do get it occasionally!) and praise for the champions of liberty.
* WHAT LIBERTY MEANS TO ME: think pieces about what liberty in a modern context actually means (once you’ve been all philosophical, do an action post to balance things out :)).

James is asking everyone to help widen the debate by nominating five bloggers to take part in the carnival. His suggestions are as follows:

* Girl With A One Track Mind
* London Underground
* Neil Gaiman
* Bad Science
* New Humanist

I thought I would put a geographical spin on 'widening the debate' with my  own five nominations:

*Stephen's Linlithgow Journal
*Scots and Independent
*O'Conall Street
*Three Thousand Versts

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