An unjust war

It is 12 January 2003 and US president Bush has rallied his troops for what he calls “The first war of the 21st century”. What is your view of this crisis, where, briefly, do you stand? This is the question we are putting to people around the world, especially those with their own public reputation and following. Our aim, to help create a truly global debate all can identify with.
Muqtedar Khan
12 January 2003

The war on Iraq may well be the first disaster of the century. This war, regardless of the rhetoric from Bush, Blair & Co., is an unjust war. Ironically if preemptive strikes are justifiable then Iraq at the moment may be justified in attacking the US and the UK who have been threatening to attack it for the last six months. Saddam has had access to chemical and biological weapons for over two decades, he used them against Iran (without any criticism from the US or UK) and he has used them against the Kurds, but he has never passed them on to any terrorists so far. It may sound strange but it is true, Saddam's record is his best defense.

An unjust war and prolonged occupation (direct colonialism) will generate intense anti-west sentiments, will alienate the US and UK and make them the most hated nations all over the world. As it is, anti-Americanism has become as global a phenomenon as Britney Spears.

The people of Iraq have suffered enough at the hands of Saddam Hussein and the US-UK sponsored sanctions. It is difficult to say who has killed more innocent people, Saddam or sanctions. I hope that all decent people in the world will stand up against this unjust war and let the war mongers know that the civilised world is not with them.

Originally published as part of a debate on 12 January 2003 Writers, artists and civic leaders on the War: Pt. 1.



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