The uncertain future of the Crimean Tatars

As reports of kidnapping, intimidation and criminal investigations into Crimean Tatars continue to emerge from the peninsula, the future of this Turkic minority looks uncertain. - free thinking for the world

The uncertain future of the Crimean Tatars

As reports of kidnapping, intimidation and criminal investigations into Crimean Tatars continue to emerge from the peninsula, the future of this Turkic minority looks uncertain. - free thinking for the world



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Detaining the president’s daughter

Karimova under house arrest Dore Ryan.jpgA year on from her disappearance from public life, what does the treatment of Gulnara Karimova reveal about Uzbekistan’s rights crisis?

The uncertain future of the Crimean Tatars

Taniec tatarski (Tatar's Dance). Juliusz Kossak painting - Wikipedia.jpg

As reports of kidnapping, intimidation and criminal investigations into Crimean Tatars continue to emerge from the peninsula, the future of this Turkic minority looks uncertain.


Where has all the wildlife gone in Siberia?

Widderkopf_B CC Hajotthu Crop.jpg

Poaching is drastically reducing numbers of many wildlife species in Siberia, and government at national and regional level doesn’t seem to care.

Russia’s repressive monument to victims of political repression

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.36.17.pngThe Russian state’s recognition of terror victims in marble and concrete is its own form of totalitarianism.


Spymania returns to Russia

Spy cartoon - Shutterstock - Tomacco_0.jpgUnder the ‘new and improved’ law against spying, anyone can be suspected of espionage or treason in Russia. And that's the point.

Film review: (Oscar-nominated) Tangerines

Tangerines poster (for standfirst).pngTangerines, an Estonian film about the Abkhaz-Georgian conflict, is up for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. What was it that caught the eye of the Academy?


Armenia’s foreign policy: between dependence and complementarity

oskanian pic_0.jpgThe plight of the weakest member of the Eastern Partnership region – Armenia – should have alerted policymakers to the seriousness of Russia’s intentions in re-asserting its position within ‘its’ near abroad.


The red tape tied around Donbass

Daily life in the Donbass region can be described as follows: ‘If there is a Ukrainian flag, there is life. If there isn’t – you are on your own.’


The real ‘Leviathan’

Leviathan pics 1.jpgIn the town where the Oscar-nominated Leviathan was shot, locals are ambivalent about the film that purports to reflect their lives.


The ‘bright future’ of Oleg Sentsov

Mike Downey crop.jpgUkrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has been held in pre-trial detention for almost a year on charges of terrorism – most of it in Moscow’s notorious Lefortovo prison.


The American credibility trap

Kovpak crop.jpgAmerican politicians’ attempts to look ‘credible’ when talking about Russia are hypocritical, self-serving and self-defeating. If they really want Russia to change its policies, they need to act smarter, not tougher.


Re-drawing the map of migration patterns

Migration trends picture - Dbachmann- wiki.pngThe Ukrainian crisis has triggered a redirection of migration patterns in the post-Soviet space, affecting both host countries and suppliers alike.

It is time for Ukraine to start helping itself

Balzs_Jarbik_ - Carnegie endowment .jpgNotwithstanding the ceasefire agreed in Minsk, unless Western policymakers take into account just how fragile the situation inside Ukraine really is, the promise of last year's Maidan revolution may be snuffed out.


Energy efficiency in Russia

Russia intended to improve its energy efficiency by 40% of GDP by 2020. How is it doing?


Review: Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands

Cover - Richard Sakwa - Frontline in Ukraine- I B Taurus.jpgRichard Sakwa’s Frontline Ukraine is both a searing critique of Western policies after the Cold War and a thorough revision of cheerful and monochrome accounts of Ukraine’s latest revolution.  


Economic dystopia in Kyrgyzstan

New EurasiaNet - Kyrgyzstan -Demotix.jpg

Hailed as a success story for liberal market reforms, Kyrgyzstan in fact provides an example of how the rentier class have become an integral part of the economy, and how democracy has given way to plutocracy.

Ukrainian journalist faces 15 years in jail after calls to boycott the draft

ruslan kotsaba jpg via youtube crop.jpg

A Ukrainian journalist has been arrested for publishing a video calling on his fellow citizens to boycott mobilisation. He is being charged with treason and espionage.

Review: Mr. Putin – Operative in the Kremlin

Cover_ MrPutin.jpgThe key to understanding Putin is to recognise how he uses information to tell him who we think he is. But what does that tell us?


The gospel according to the Kremlin

Zhilin crop.jpgThe cost of my fridge has doubled, but it's okay, professional psychologists can explain why I’m not bothered – what we Russians see on TV we believe as gospel. на русском языке


Евангелие от Кремля

Zhilin crop_0.jpgСтоимость моего холодильника удвоилась, но это не беда. Профессиональные психологи могут объяснить почему меня это не беспокоит: тому, что мы, россияне, видим по телевизору, мы верим как религиозной проповеди. In English

How well does Russia speak the language of international law?

Anna Dolidze pic crop.jpgThe language of international law has become another battleground between Russia and the West.


Climate policy according to Gazprom

4893122425_724729caa0_z.jpgAs Russian dreams of becoming a ‘great ecological power’ fade, Gazprom, it seems, has been driving climate policy all along.


Biting into Apple's Russian earnings

crop apple surovstova _3.jpgThe market for iPhones in Russia is not looking as healthy as it was before the economy and the rouble took a nosedive.


The war game in eastern Ukraine

cyborg poster - pbs.twimg_.com_.jpgThe battle for eastern Ukraine – part of the territory that makes up ‘Novorossiya' – is a war game with no victors. на русском языке

«Новороссия»: военная игра без победителей

cyborg poster - pbs.twimg_.com__0.jpgБитва за восточную Украину – часть которой занимает Новороссия – это военная игра без победителей. in English

The art of smuggling in Belarus

Russian cigarettes - Igor Golovniov - Demotix.jpgIn Belarus, smuggling is a fine art, and, unlike stealing, morally acceptable. на русском языке


Искусство контрабанды в Беларуси

Russian cigarettes - Igor Golovniov - Demotix.jpgКонтрабанда в Беларуси, – изящное искусство и, в отличие от воровста, морально допуситимое. In English.

Review: All Things Ablaze

All_things_ablaze_2014_poster - Варвара Перекрест (дизайн), Юлія Сердюкова (фото)- wiki.jpgOne year on from the mass protests that racked Ukraine, the documentary film All Things Ablaze attempts to deal with the events developing in the country’s capital, Kyiv in February 2014.


Russian woman accused of treason for phoning Ukrainian embassy

shutterstock_151792607 phone crop.jpg

A mother of seven is facing charges of treason in the Russian town of Vyazma. Her alleged crime? Phoning the Ukrainian embassy to warn about Russian troop movements.

In Russia, nobody can be ‘Charlie’

Je suis charlie - Diogo Baptista - demotix_0.jpgRussian reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been muted, although a massive march in Chechnya defended Islam from the ‘mockers’.

My vast Siberian motherland is dying

Southern Siberia is dying: farms are failing, the forests have been felled, and the people are leaving – a vast area has been failed by its government.


Russian nationalism can be deadly

RIA Novosti Stenin Baburova crop.jpg

As the trial of an extreme Russian nationalist organisation continues in Moscow this month, the parents of one of their victims try to come to terms with what has happened.

In Auschwitz, Poland has outmanoeuvred Russia

Amador Guallar - Auschwitz - Demotix.jpg

This year, the Poles were determined not to invite the Russians to Auschwitz. And they succeeded. 


TV-2 goes off air


The closure of Tomsk’s TV-2 is a reminder of what has happened to regional media in Russia. 

Crime and punishment in Armenia

Gyumri massacre victim Seryozha Avetisyan laid to rest - Armenia - Demotix - PHOTOLURE News Agency.jpgAfter a Russian soldier emerged as the prime suspect in the murder of an Armenian family in Gyumri, Armenia, this month, relations between the two countries have become strained as Armenia enters the Eurasian Economic Union.

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