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Putin and Trump’s bad bromance

The recent leak of emails from inside the US Democratic Party have led to allegations that Trump is a Kremlin agent. This is clickbait conspiracy at its best. - free thinking for the world

Putin and Trump’s bad bromance

The recent leak of emails from inside the US Democratic Party have led to allegations that Trump is a Kremlin agent. This is clickbait conspiracy at its best. - free thinking for the world

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A weekly roundup of political and social developments in the post-Soviet space.

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Putin and Trump’s bad bromance

The recent leak of emails from inside the US Democratic Party have led to allegations that Trump is a Kremlin agent. This is clickbait conspiracy at its best.

Панкисская долина и медиа: невзаимная любовь

Расположенная в Грузии Панкисская долина в последние годы стала ассоциироваться с вооруженным экстремизмом. Однако внимание мирового сообщества к этому региону не только является нежеланным, но и приносит ему вред. English, Georgian

The EU’s lack of unity and strategy is being felt in Azerbaijan

The EU’s inconsistent policy towards its eastern periphery has damaged its standing in Azerbaijan. A number of people who know the country well, including recently released political prisoners, tell me why.

New confirmation of secret detention allegations in Ukraine

Evidence on the use of secret detention by Ukraine’s security services requires further investigation from the authorities.

Kazakhstan: the limits of authoritarian crisis management

Violent attacks on state institutions have shaken the Nazarbayev regime in recent weeks, exposing its fixation with information control over state management.

As Ukraine's women speak up on sexual violence, we must not ignore those affected by conflict

DJ_profile-1.jpgA new campaign is challenging taboos over speaking about sexual violence in Ukraine, but we need to include survivors of conflict violence too.


Russian journalism’s double white lines

A recent leak from a leading Russian media outlet has sparked a bitter debate about censorship and professional ethics, exposing how fragmented Russia’s journalist community truly is. Русский

What does the murder of Pavel Sheremet say about contemporary Ukraine?


Two years after EuroMaidan, Ukraine's culture of impunity remains a deadly threat to freedom of expression.


Двойная сплошная

Запись разговора между новыми руководителями РБК и коллективом журналистов проливает свет не только на внутренний порядок работы российских медиа, но и поднимает вопрос о профессиональной этике. English

“Государство вместо того, чтобы защищать граждан и блюсти закон, занимается ровно противоположным”

Последнее слово на суде новосибирца Дмитрия Петрова, который провел в следственном изоляторе 28 месяцев.

«Переворачивание костей» по-русски

Спустя семьдесят лет после окончания войны тела многих погибших тогда советских солдат по-прежнему лежат в полях и болотах по всему восточному фронту. При этом российское государство не стесняется использовать память о них для подавления общественной дискуссии. English

The standoff in Yerevan

The raid by Karabakh war veterans on a police station in Armenia’s capital may appear an isolated incident, but it could herald a deeper crisis.

Поверх барьеров дискурса. Часть 2

Как вели себя медиа-посредники до Путина и после Мюнхена, и если есть смысл у Обамы пойти по пути Рейгана. 

From civil disobedience to armed violence: political developments in Armenia

On Sunday, an armed group seized a Yerevan police station. Their claims have chimed with recent civic initiatives, and reveal how the marginalisation of activism can help fuel the search for more extreme methods. 

Russia, America, it's time to talk face-to-face

During the late 1980s, superpower leaders demagnitised international confrontation by speaking directly to the other side. Why shouldn't we do this again? Русский

In Ukraine, not only heroes deserve justice

A Ukrainian blogger sentenced for his scandalous views on the conflict in the Donbas has just been released. Whatever his shortcomings, Ruslan Kotsaba deserved our solidarity.

We have lift-off on speaking out on sexual violence

In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, many reactions to a recent online flashmob against sexual violence have been depressing and misogynistic. But this controversy can also be a path toward change. 

Ад совсем рядом

Флэшмоб #янебоюсьсказать стал первым опытом массового свидетельства о сексуальном насилии. То, как его восприняли, говорит не столько о насилии, сколько об обществе, в котором живут и жертвы, и преступники.

Роздуми на проспекті Бандери

Дискусії про історичні політики та міфотворчість в Україні часто-густо однобічні й незбалансовані. Комплексний підхід до соціальної й культурної гібридності – в минулому і нині – як ніколи на часі. English

Way down in Pankisi

Georgia’s Pankisi Valley has gained a reputation for violent extremism in recent years. But the international community’s attention isn’t just unwanted, it’s harmful. Русский

Fear of surveillance is forcing activists to hide from public life in Belarus

A visitor to Minsk might conclude from its calm appearance that the human rights situation had changed. But beneath the surface, the invisible threat of surveillance keeps civil society in check.

“F*** You Obama”: the American MMA fighter and Russia’s Communists

Russia’s Communist party is tired of its role as “the tame opposition” — and is now using anti-capitalist wrestler Jeff Monson to win the youth vote.

Ilan Shor and the search for Moldova’s missing billion

This small-town “investor mayor” rose to fame in 2015. Now he’s behind bars. But the real story behind the arrest of one of Moldova’s most famous businessmen remains to be uncovered. Русский

Ukraine’s authoritarian signals

Recent unconstitutional legislation is smoothing the way for direct rule in Ukraine — and repeating past mistakes.

Поверх барьеров дискурса

Что такое медиа-посредники и как они сформировали сегодняшнюю международную политику. English

Noah’s Valley is drying up

Corruption, ill-conceived fish farming and mismanagement are contributing to a water crisis in Armenia’s Ararat Valley. 

Илан Шор и поиски пропавшего миллиарда

Пообещав, что станет "мэром - инвестором", год назад Илан Шор возглавил молдавский город Оргеев. Возможно, совсем ненадолго. English

1991 and 2016: historic mistakes

What Brexit and the break-up of the USSR have (and do not have) in common. 

Belarus from behind bars

What is it like to be thrown into a Belarusian jail? Political prisoners tell their stories. Русский

Brexit: the view from Eurasia

Whether you’re in Mariupol or Margate, politics has become an organic part of the tabloid press. Our media should change to tackle this.

Neoliberalism, mining and Armenia's politics of plunder

The resurgence of fighting with Azerbaijan could hinder progressive mobilisation in Armenia, but recent environmental initiatives reveal the appetite for resistance to the economy of extraction.

The trap of “countering Russia”

Across eastern Europe, US engagement against Russia is having an adverse effect on grassroots protesters – and no easy solution is forthcoming.

Their security, our poverty: militarisation and Lithuania’s new labour code

There are signs that a new movement is emerging against austerity in Lithuania, but it will have to contend with a new militarised nationalism. 

Свидетельства из тюрьмы

Пенитенциарная система Белоруссии – одна из самых закрытых в мире. Иностранного журналиста не пустят в тюрьму, а заключенные вряд ли будут откровенны - за любую жалобу их ждет наказание. 

Unearthing Russia’s war dead, over and over again

Seventy years after the war, many of Russia’s dead still lie scattered in fields and bogs across the eastern front. The Russian state has no problem instrumentalising their memories to shut down discussion. Русский

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