Local Railways, ODD Circle Tue 5 May 09 at The Blue Mugge Pub

derek tatton
3 May 2009

Local Railways
ODD Circle   Tue 5 May 09  at The Blue Mugge Pub

Two visitors with special knowledge of the North Staffs.  railways’ situation will be present and given opportunity to present information and make comments as appropriate.    

Preliminary -  getting up steam…   Brief reviews of the wider picture and context, each who wishes only commenting for a minute or so on these points.

1.    The significance of railways in Britain:   history and impact.

2.    ‘The steam locomotive is the most aesthetically pleasing of all engineering    creations’    Examples,  for and against.   (Photos, if possible)..  

3.    Railways in art, literature, film and architecture:   Turner’s  Rain, Steam and Speed;   Dickens  Dombey and Son;   The Railway Children;   Brief Encounter;   Night Mail (film, poetry and music);  St. Pancras.   Any more?   We’ll simply make a list and consider, maybe, a future session on this.


Main theme:  google:  railfuture >  why support rail use?    Most time will be devoted to 5 and 6.

1.    Beeching.    Why?     Impact?

2.    Successful survivals,   restorations….

3.    The economic and social case for local railways.

4.    North Staffordshire:    (maps of railways)
-    The Knotty -  and a classic documentary drama…

     5.   Current situation locally

6.   Plans for the future   
         The economic case
              The political will….


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