The Lazy Trout. Do we get the politicians we deserve?

derek tatton
26 March 2009

Do we get the Politicians we deserve?
Lazy trout ,Meerbrook 30th March 2009 at 19-30 for 19-45 start.

Details at www.oddc.org.uk 

How important is politics?
Respondents were given a list of seven professions to rank in the order in which they trusted them, with a score of seven being most trusted and one the least trusted.
The Which? findings were as follows:
• Doctors 6.4
• Teachers 5.4
• Surveyors 4.3
• Solicitors 4.3
• Financial advisors 3.6
• Estate agents 2.2
• Politicians 1.6
Politicians from the past or other countries seem to rate higher -  for
Churchill,  Gorbachev,  Mandela,  Obama.... Why?
There was the Sleaze of the 90’s and the Spin of the naughties. How untrustworthy are politicians?
The blame culture – “to err is human, to forgive divine”. What are the good points and bad points of a blame culture?

Most politicians are career politicians these days why? Is it a good thing?
Are there any good politicians?
How do we form opinions of our politicians?
Is spin a new phenomenon.

Why do politicians spin?

Should we distinguish between local, national and international politicians?

What other professions have been vilified over the last 30 years? What were the consequences?

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