BNP success in the European elections is a boost for British Democracy?

derek tatton
2 July 2009

BNP success in the European elections is a boost for British Democracy?
ODDc   Tue 30 June  09  at The Blue Mugge pub

These notes using comments and questions from TC, EB and DT.

1.   Where does BNP support come from?

2.   Has the two-party/first past the post system, linked with a move to the centre by
the main parties, left sections of the population feeling marginalised?

3.   Will the BNP gain of two seats in the European elections lead the main parties to
address legitimate concerns of those who feel alienated and disenfranchised from the political process?

4.  The BNP claims to represent/support the ‘indigenous, white working-class’.  What’s wrong with that?

5.  Visit the BNP web-site:   read-up on their policy on immigration and note that the BNP leader this month ‘Denounces Racist and Sectarian Violence in Northern Ireland’  >  debate on the nature of racism and fascism.   

                          What part does History play?

BNP Mission Statement:     ‘The BNP exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands…  We use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here’.

6.  What % of the current population has a direct ancestral link with the ‘earliest
settlers here’  (20,000 years?).    

7.  Our ancestors can be traced back, apparently, to Africa  200,000 years ago.   Then about 100,000 years ago they moved to the Middle-East, then Asia… then…   
What do BNP policies and statements tell us about history and myth?

8.  A national newspaper asked ‘eight leading historians’ on 9th June
“Are we facing the threat of fascism?”.    They all replied,  ‘No’.
One said:  “Any comparisons with 1920s Germany are completely overstated’’
Another:  ‘The BNP is different in style and structure from fascism in the 1920s’.
Eric Hobsbawm stated:  ‘It is not the threat from the extreme right that is the most striking characteristic of these (European) elections…   The real crisis is that of the left…’.


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