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About Julie Wark

Julie Wark is the author of Manifiesto de derechos humanos  (The Human Rights Manifesto – Ediciones Barataria, 2011) and is an advisory board member of the international political review Sin Permiso.

Articles by Julie Wark

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

A republican call for a basic income

Republicanism offers a persuasive guide to the political shaping of markets. A basic income could be the foundation of a democratic republican economy that frees all citizens from the commodification of labour.

The history of the west is not the history of the world

Pankaj Mishra's From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia undertakes the difficult ethical exercise of discovering real world history, against the noisy western cries of 'progress' and economic growth. Book review.

General strike in the kingdom of Spain: the political economy and basic income

A basic income could be of enormous importance as an integral part of a package of measures designed to guarantee the material existence of all people and their possibilities of living according to their own life plans. Universalising property - by providing the essential conditions for material, and hence social existence to everyone - would universalise the essential condition of truly effective citizenship.

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