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Mo Salah, the revolution and Egypt’s defeat

The real trouble with Egypt is that it’s a place where hope never lives, but never truly dies. العربية - free thinking for the world

Mo Salah, the revolution and Egypt’s defeat

The real trouble with Egypt is that it’s a place where hope never lives, but never truly dies. العربية - free thinking for the world

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في هذه اللحظة فقط، شعرت بأن حبي لهذه المدينة ينبع من تعاطفي مع أهلها السابقون واللاحقون. وعند اقتناعي بأن دور مدينة القدس هو تعليمنا درساً كونياً عن النفس البشرية، رأيت جمالها واستشعرت بقدسيتها ووقعت بحبّ ندوبها الداخلية والخارجية.

My scorched land: the story of Sardasht’s unhealed wounds

The story of Sardasht is a perfect example of the dark days of the Iranian regime’s unbridled hegemony over the Kurds.

Is there a role for the EU in the Moroccan Rif crisis?

For Rabat, the challenge will be to access the EU funds and more while getting away from any significant EU impact. That is, even if it means faking Europeanization.

Challenges of fieldwork in Egypt: changing/challenging theoretical leanings

How can we ethnographically ground postmodern interest in human-animal relations?

The story of Saida Manoubiya: A Tunisian feminist icon

By calling for women's education and freedom, Saida Manoubiya was truly a feminist ahead of her time. العربية

السيدة المنوبية: قصة رمز نسوي تونسي

بدعوتها لتعليم المرأة وللحرية ، كانت السيدة المنوبية بالفعل ناشطة نسوية سابقة لعصرها. English

The forgotten history of revolutionary Raqqa, and its deep wounds

An interview with Mazen Hassoun, a young Syrian researcher and the co-founder of the online outlet Raqqa Post.

محمد صلاح، والثورة وهزيمة مصر

مشكلة مصر الحقيقية هي أنها مكان لا يعيش فيه الأمل أبدا، لكنه أيضا لا يموت تماما. English

Hodeida: prospects of humanitarian catastrophe brings Yemen back into the news

Was the decision to carry out the offensive in the summer, when living conditions are the worst for the population, specifically intended to worsen civilian suffering?

هل أنا ابن عائشة العربيّة؟

إذا نظرنا بعمق إلى أسس تعامل وتفاعل عائلات بلادنا وأفرادها مع المحيط، وعائلتي ضمنًا، نرى أنّ هذه الأسس مبنية على القوميّة والطائفيّة والعشائريّة إلى حد كبير، واحترام الآخر هو غلاف هش رقيق لا معنى له حين يجدّ الجد. English

Am I the son of the Arab Aisha? Jokes in a mixed household

Our friendly teasing sometimes echoes nationalistic, sectarian and tribal prejudice. العربية

Mo Salah, the revolution and Egypt’s defeat

The real trouble with Egypt is that it’s a place where hope never lives, but never truly dies. العربية

Can Iran turn crisis into opportunity?

Iran is facing what is what is potentially the greatest existential threat it has faced since its inception in 1979.

Palestinian Jerusalemites leading Israelis towards normalisation

Normalisation holds an incredibly vague definition, and varies from one Palestinian to another. There are Palestinians, and Arabs in general, who do not truly understand the meaning of the word, yet they stamp it on any and all relations with Israelis.

Yarmouk: a late obituary for the capital of the Palestinian diaspora

The story of the Palestinian refugee camp besieged, destroyed, and emptied it of its people before being looted by Syrian regime soldiers.

The president’s wedding: micro-politics of mass mobilisation in Egypt’s 2018 election

The micro-level responses, and the individual and local acts of agency still reaffirm Egypt’s longstanding tradition of subversive political humour.

Looking from within: is the nuclear deal a big deal for the Iranian people?

The best deal for the Iranian people is to get dignity and respect and to save their country from further political and economic collapse.

Russia’s cautious role in Syria

How far would Russia risk its international relations to protect the regime of Bashar Al Assad?

Can the Turkish Opposition beat Erdoğan?

The most likely challenger on June 24 is the CHP’s candidate Muharrem İnce who will have an uphill battle.

Turkey’s three-dimensional populism, three leaders and three blocs

The election is therefore offered a choice between three blocs, each of which mobilises people in terms of a different type of populism as expounded by their respective charismatic leader.

I am from Salamiya but none of this applies to me

In Syria, one could notice some of the significant remarks denigrating others based on their religion, sect, race or color. العربية

أنا من السلَمية... لكني لست ممن في هذا المقال

"عبادة الفرج" كتهمة تتخذ بعدين اثنين. فهي من جهة تنكر عليهم "عبادة الله" كمسلمين، وهي من جهة ثانية تحقّر المعتقد الإسماعيلي إلى مستوى "عبادة الفرج"، بحيث يكون الكفر أو الإلحاد أو الشرك بالله "تهمة" لطيفة جداً. English

The Great Return March and the women of Gaza

Why are Palestine’s feminists fighting on two fronts?

Our Sectarianism – not just the regime’s creation

Talking about sectarianism in Syria is like standing on the line of fire. How can we talk about sectarianism without perpetuating it? العربية

طائفيتنا التي لم ينتجها النظام

يبدو الحديث عن الطائفية في سوريا أشبه بالوقوف على خط النار، إذ كيف يمكن الحديث عن الطائفية دون تأبيدها؟ English

Unhappiness and Mohamed Salah’s Egypt

Salah is a hero of disruption, a political voice without talking politics.

Morocco's social protests across time and space

Between the Rif republic, the “Arab Spring”, and the diaspora in Europe, to what extent will current and future protests bring about change in Morocco?

CIA whistleblower: ''No regrets. I would do it all again''

Whistleblower John Kiriakou explains why he and fellow-whistlebower Thomas Drake are committed to alerting their fellow Americans to a dangerous surveillance and war system designed to monitor their every activity. 31-minute video Interview.

The “other” and oral sectarian culture in Syria

Before the Syrian uprising, relationships between Syrian sects were, like those betwen the regime and the population, governed by taqiyya [dissimulation] or even hypocrisy. العربية

In memory of Razan al Najjar: Steve Bell's cartoon

An Israeli army sniper shot the 21-year-old nurse while she was trying to care for injured protestors in Gaza. This is Steve Bell's tribute to her.

صورة الآخر في الثقافة الشفوية السورية

قبل الإنتفاضة السورية كانت العلاقة بين مختلف الطوائف السورية تحكمها التقية أو قل النفاق، كما هي العلاقة تماما بين النظام السياسي والشعب. English

The outcomes of Iraq’s 2018 elections

The ramifications from Iraq’s elections do not mean we will witness a better Iraq, but it will certainly differ from the one we know of today.

A ‘creeping annexation’ of identity, culture, history and memory

The Nakba lives on in the constellation of measures enacted by the State of Israel – often in violation of international law – to drastically reduce public spaces for Palestinians.  

“Why would Assad do it?” Debunking the abstract theories surrounding Syria’s chemical attacks

The April chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma provoked widely-circulated theories questioning why the Assad regime would use chemical weaponry. But do they really hold?

Gaza regeneration: we all need dreams for the future

 The question now is not only how to respond to recent conflict on the border, but to address the underlying causes that produced these disturbing events. 

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