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Arab Awakening is now North Africa West Asia (NAWA)

The Arab Awakening section will now be called North Africa West Asia (NAWA) a name that better reflects the scope of our coverage and the diversity of this region. - free thinking for the world

Arab Awakening is now North Africa West Asia (NAWA)

The Arab Awakening section will now be called North Africa West Asia (NAWA) a name that better reflects the scope of our coverage and the diversity of this region. - free thinking for the world

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Bahrain on North Africa West Asia

A trip to liberated Minbic in Northern Syria: from hell to paradise

The city of Minbic (Manbij) and its surroundings are among the most contested regions in the Syrian war. Ercan Ayboga interviewed representatives of the new Democratic Administration in Minbic.

A Corbyn-led government should start by scrapping the Prevent Strategy

Corbyn wants to talk about and address the causes of terrorist violence? This will require scrapping the Prevent Strategy.

السرية والشفافية الأمريكية بشأن استخدام القوة الفتاكة

تقرير جديد يشير الى أن تزايد احتمالات الإساءة للمدنيين وإلحاق الضرر بهم في ظل الإدارة الأمريكية الجديدة تجعل الشفافية مسألة ملحة أكثر من أي وقت مضى English.

US secrecy and transparency in the use of lethal force

A new report reviews the abuse and civilian harm resulting from American drone strikes and lethal operations.العربية

On the duality of laicism and dictatorship and the rise of political Islam

Is there another outlet or framework in the Arab world outside the dichotomy of Islamism or nationalism? [عربي]

عن ثنائية "اللائيكية والاستبداد" وصعود "الإسلام السياسي"

التساؤل عما إذا وَجَد الفكر العربي رئةً ثالثة، متنفساً أو بديلاً معرفياً خرج عن الرئة الإسلاموية والرئة القومية، لهو تساؤل يصعب الإجابة عنه بالإيجاب  [English]

الغطاء النباتي واثره على التغير المناخي في العراق

يعاني العراق ارتفاع في درجات الحرارة وتأثير الرياح الجافة وتكرار العواصف الغبارية في المنطقتين الوسطى والجنوبية بوجه خاص ويتطلب فهم اثارها البيئية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية والصحية وربما السياسية في الوقت الحاضر والمستقبل، للوصول الى الوسائل الناجعة لتقليل الاثار السلبية.

Behind The Saudi-Qatari spat and the fragmentation of the GCC

The sanctions on Qatar aim to force the government of Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to alter its foreign policy – particularly regarding its warming relations with Iran.

The details: surviving the war in Yemen

We are all survivors of a kind of mass abuse called war whether as human rights defenders and monitors or as simple Yemenis under the worst kind of internal and external war.

Mental help: the story of Gaza’s trauma unit

Palestine has the highest rate of mental health disorders in the MENA region. Even though resources are limited, there are incredible people fighting for mental health in Gaza. 

Lebanon in the eye of the regional storm

Hizbollah’s proven armed capability in Syria, Israel’s perceived political defeat in 2006, coupled with a possible US and Saudi green light, may make confrontation inevitable.

Iran’s city and village council elections and women’s political participation

Iran's city and village council elections highlight Iranian women's increased involvement in the political process and decision-making.

Iraqi feminists mobilise against sectarian laws

The sectarian personal status code comes in a context marked by social and religious conservatisms, sectarian conflicts, political instability and the absence of a strong unifying state.

Iran and Houthis: Between political alliances and sectarian tensions

Iran’s role in Yemen and the nature of its relationship with the Houthis remain a subject of controversy. Some deny outright such a relationship and alliance, while others go so far as to consider Houthis to be no more than Iranian puppets. العربية

Laying the foundations for a totalitarian state

The Egyptian regime is moving decisively to close what remains of public space, dominating all aspects of political life for decades to come.   

Who will defend Egypt’s human rights defenders?

NGOs play an essential role in local communities; the government’s reckless, repressive actions will jeopardize the country’s future.

White phosphorus over Raqqa

The local population in Raqqa is paying a very heavy price for the massive aerial attacks on the town.

‘Sorry I drowned’

Watch the 6-minute animated film ‘Sorry I Drowned’ inspired by a letter allegedly found on the body of someone who drowned in the Mediterranean sea due to the prevailing cynical politics of our day. [video]

Tehran attacks: local and regional significance

The attacks in Tehran, the crisis in Qatar, and the announced Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq are interconnected parts of a failure to build a cooperative regional system.

‘Lost in Lebanon’ explores restless wait for return

The film examines various dimensions of loss through a new concept of life in exile, in a country where precarious residency comes without self-awareness.

The surreal ‘grand coalition’ against Iran

The open manifestation of an ‘American-Sunni’ coalition against Iran with huge anti-Shia intonations does nothing to promote peace, stability and coexistence in the region.

The significance of Rouhani’s win: reality or illusion?

What lies ahead for Iran? Two personal views on the Iranian elections, one hopeful and one pessimistic from two people who supported Rouhani in the elections, one more reluctantly than the other.

The football kicking the players, on the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 war

What was truly ironic about the Arab legal case was that Arab representatives at the 1967 UNSC laid out the legal justification for what Israel did, beginning on June 5.   

Patriotism from fragmentation: the personal nationhood of Oman

Oman’s modern nationalism is ultimately the result of personal rule dominating all aspects of public administration. Who could possibly be the successor to Qaboos?

50 years of occupation will not kill hope for a free Palestine

On its 40th day, the mass hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners was suspended after an agreement was reached to allow two visits per month.

Palestine: Imperial failures and their consequences

The Nakba, central to Palestinian nationhood as much as the Holocaust is for Jews and slavery is for African-Americans, is the living reminder of the profound injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians.

The 'success' of political Islam in the Kurdish context

We need to go beyond the dichotomy between radical and moderate Islam to see how Islamist movements impose hegemony at local, national and international levels.

Media in Turkey before, during and after the referendum

Would giving the No campaign equal media access have changed the results of the Turkish Constitutional referendum? We will never know, but the damage was already done.

“A homeland that wants to kill us”

"This hatred overdose and systematic lynch campaign is something that none of us were prepared for. We are civilian citizens whose only 'crime' is to demand peace." An open letter.

Turkey’s presidential referendum and the (not so) curious case of the Turkish diaspora in Europe

Maybe it is time Europe looked at itself in the mirror and started discussing why more and more people, including Europeans, are walking away from the much-vaunted “liberal European values”.

عودة كرة القدم إلى مدينة حلب يسلّط الضوء على مناورات النظام السياسية

بالنسبة للكثيرين، كان هذا عرضاً من قبل الحكومة السورية، لاستخدام كرة القدم كأداة لتعزيز صورتها كـ"محرّر" المدينة، وجاء على حساب عشرات الآلاف من السوريين القتلى أو النازحين. English

“I never thought to come in Europe”: unpacking the myths of Europe’s ‘migration crisis’

Europe’s failure to listen to people on the move has left it blind to why many people end up going there.

Turkey: the rigged referendum and implications for economic fragility

Following in the footstep of the rating agencies, investment banks were busy building up a self-fulfilling prophecy before and after the Turkish referendum of 16 April, 2017.

Iran's precision engineered elections

The Islamic Republic of Iran's engineering of its so-called elections starts from the very day the Guardian Council announces the short list of candidates.

Ruminations on the political in post-referendum Turkey

Despite the state’s attempts to know and manage, there remain illegible elements, as exemplified by the people who support the No campaign or the women who join the Women’s Rally.

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