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The hypocrisy behind British endorsement of Bahrain’s ‘sham’ elections

UK’s support for Bahrain’s sham-elections emboldens the Gulf nation to continue intensifying its crackdown on civil rights with impunity. - free thinking for the world

The hypocrisy behind British endorsement of Bahrain’s ‘sham’ elections

UK’s support for Bahrain’s sham-elections emboldens the Gulf nation to continue intensifying its crackdown on civil rights with impunity. - free thinking for the world

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Bullying Iran will not work

The US narrative should be adjusted in such way to be more in ‘synch’ with realities on the ground and not simply restricted to hostile and at times highly exaggerated denunciations.

إمبراطورية الكلاشينكوف

في الواقع، ثمة عوامل عدة تفسر انتشار هذا السلاح في العالم العربي، منها سعره الرخيص نسبياً 

A Palestinian house with many struggles

The struggle of Palestinians takes different forms, between living under the Palestinian Authority or the de-facto Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.

The double standards applied to academic freedom

The political right is not only cracking down on academic freedoms, but has started simultaneously to become a fierce advocate of an aggressively anti-intellectual freedom of speech.

On recognizing our ethno-religious prejudices: a preliminary conceptual analysis

After many years of suppression, Syrians were able to bring these issues to light and engage in serious public debate. العربية

Professional solidarity with Palestine: a mental health imperative

Palestinian mental health professionals will continue critical dialogue of the occupation until its hegemony is exposed and deconstructed.

The hypocrisy behind British endorsement of Bahrain’s ‘sham’ elections

UK’s support for Bahrain’s sham-elections emboldens the Gulf nation to continue intensifying its crackdown on civil rights with impunity.

نيتفليكس والمنطقة العربيّة سياسات الهويّة لم تمرّ من هنا

هل تلعب أجندة مسبقة للشبكة الدور الأكبر في تحديد خياراتها في المنطقة العربيّة؟

The elephant at the state of the "upper-side"

The elephant was the one who did the act of balancing on the wheel; the master was the one who taught it that trick

The ‘Soyas’: Egypt’s car park mafias

The Soyas are parking attendants, mostly unlicensed and often aggressive towards drivers

Rethinking resistance in post-uprisings Egypt

There is a dynamic relationship between authoritarianism and resistance, whereby authoritarianism is never absolute, but always challenged through multiple ways that do not solely revolve around contentious politics.

Authoritarian Middle East regimes don't like academics – ask Matthew Hedges

When the Arab Spring gave way to an autocratic restoration, both newcomers and old hands were in for a rude awakening.

Transitional justice in Tunisia: the truth behind the trials

Justice for the victims of the Bourguiba and Ben Ali regimes is bigger than the individuals or their families

Political violence, civic space and human rights defence in the era of populism and authoritarianism

Academics and international donors alike have only recently considered targeted political violence as an integral part of global democratic decline and populist politics. There is much they could do.

The world may have moved on from ISIS, but Yezidi women haven’t

Iraq must take urgent and significant actions to provide better protection for the Yezidi women and girls and make justice a reality.

Turkey: a post-media society

Subversive street art and a metaphor-laden museum are filling the void left by the death of the free press in Turkey. A report from Istanbul.

في الاعتراف بعنصريتنا الإثنو-دينية: تحليلٌ مفاهيميٌّ أوليٌّ

انتهاك المحظور لا يكون إيجابيًّا إلا عندما يتأسس على قيمٍ مختلفةٍ عن تلك التي يُفترَض به كشفها وفضحها وتجاوزها. English

Did the US and Britain collude in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

With Khashoggi’s murder, many secrets that both the Kingdom and its western allies wanted buried, will stay that way.

الحراسة الليلية: وجع حياة لا مهنة

إن هذا العمل لم يعد مهنة بل أصبح وجع حياة مستمر

A murky state-civil society relationship in Tunisia

The Tunisian state appears both open and cautious to accommodating civil society.

Palestine’s forgotten refugees in Lebanon

Massive cuts by the Trump administration to the budget of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency will exacerbate an already marginal existence for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Popular oral culture and sectarianism, a materialist analysis

How and by whom is sectarianism produced and maintained? And for what reasons?العربية

Politics “as if” in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia first denied the Khashoggi murder and then blamed it on rogue security agents. Neither version has enjoyed much credibility but the ability to make the population repeat incredible claims is itself a form of power for Arab autocrats.

الثقافة الشفوية الشعبية والطائفية، تحليل مادي

كيف يتم إنتاج واستبقاء الطائفية وبواسطة من؟ ولأية أسباب؟ English

Interview with the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in North Kurdistan

Actually we have been calling our experience World War III. This is a war of destruction. The state does not call it a war, but this is the experience of those affected.”

After all, Iraq’s ethno-sectarian quota remains

So long as the ethno-sectarian quota exists, a political class that serves foreign interests will continue to determine Iraq’s political and economic destiny.

Famine in Yemen: long announced, now on our screens

What are world leaders doing? Where is the ‘international community’ Yemenis so often appeal to?

إعادة تدوير البشر! ... هل فكرتَ في أن تصبحَ شجرة؟

علبة صغيرة بمائة دولار فقط تضمن لكَ حياة أخرى على الأرض لكن بهيئة شجرة

Mr. Gay Syria أين أنت يا حبّي؟ أنا هنا يا حبّي

يشكّل الفيلم توثيقاً مهمّاً لعالم شخصيّات سوريّة تتقاطع مصائرها مع الكثير من الأسئلة السياسيّة والاجتماعيّة

Iranian pseudo anti-imperialism

The first prerequisite of fighting imperialism is to fight the imperialist relations at home.

Corruption corrodes Kurdish education

Quality education from the outset can eradicate corruption, guarantee peaceful coexistence, and bring about social and economic justice.

State violence and the illusions of modernity in Egypt

The constant state of denial that is a feature of the urban middle class and the regime is a necessity to maintain a deeply paradoxical ideological construct.

Morocco: military service and education reform promise more repression

The reinstatement of compulsory military service in this context of growing tensions is meant to be used for social control.

The West’s approach to Saudi Arabia: ‘one step forward, two steps back’

Western powers are actively enabling the very human rights violations they seek to expose.

اليسار العربي بين الحرية والتسلط

لازالت لفكرة اليسار راهنية وأهمية. لكن عن أي يسار نتحدث؟

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